Alamogordo Wed. May 26 2021

New Mexico History 1910 to 2020 & Politics: On the back Soledad C. Chacón climbs the New Mexico Round House and the Congressional Delegation of Rep. Deb Haaland, Yvette Herrell and Teresa Leger Fernandez

Was 2014 the flashpoint for women in executive leadership and politics for the state of New Mexico? A lot of dialog has been created about the number women in politics in New Mexico of recent but not much has been published about the pathway that led to the success of women in power. There are a few key leaders, key organizations and the path fell on the backbone or foundation of some strong and determined women to get New Mexico to where it is now. Not only is it a leader in the number of women in political power it is also the national leader of women of color in political power. Let us look at a little insight into the history of what created the pathway to female equity in New Mexico political leadership.... Are they up to the challenge? Will they put good ole boy politics to rest and step past money and ideology to lead in a bi-partisan New Mexico on the backs of their 1910 progressive predecessors?
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Alamogordo Mon. May 24 2021

Alamogordo Sports History: Look Back Girls Track & Field Success 1977 District Win & Remembering Coach Lawrence E. Johnson

The year as 1977 and the Alamogordo Girls Track and Field Team continued to show the state they were a team to take serious as they captured the 3AAAA district crown as the top team in the district. The Tigers earned 134 points placing 1st with Mayfield at 122 points in 2nd place and Las Cruces in 3rd place with 104 points and the return of and remembrance of Coach Lawrence E. Johnson...
Alamogordo Mon. May 24 2021

History & Political Trends Special Report: Anthony X. Vigil 19-year-old School Board President, Bushra Amiwala age 22...

In the 1960’s, Alamogordo High School ranked in the top 10 in the nation and attracted teachers from around the nation. According to US News and World Report School rankings the school now ranks #40 in New Mexico High Schools and 6754 in national rankings. In troubled school districts around the nation, youth are stepping into leadership roles within school boards, with fresh ideas and insights and making a difference in challenging the status quo and making change. Anthony X. Vigil, age 19 of New Mexico; Ty'Relle Stephens, age 20 of Rhode Island; Bushra Amiwala, age 22 of Illinois; Mussab Ali, 23 of New Jersey; Kelly Gonez, age 32 of California each represent true diversity and action. This is their story...
Alamogordo Sat. May 22 2021

History: Alamogordo, White Sands and The Missiles that Blew Up in Alamogordo & Juarez

Alamogordo has a vast history and was a city of significant and strategic importance to the US Military establishment in the 1940’s through the 1970’s. During that time some would say that was the peak of Alamogordo. It was the center of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Following Hitler's fall in 1945, the United States brought 177 German rocket scientists and technicians to White Sands Testing Range under Operation Paperclip...