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Chris Edwards, Editor

Alamogordo Town News is the alternative news source to locally curated news and information. We are Alamogordo and Southern New Mexico's POSITIVE NEWS Source. Our focus is to highlight positive news, expand the business community and highlight those positive things within the Alamogordo region.

Our focus is primarily local sports, small business, the arts and culture, tourism and what is right about the Alamogordo experience.

On occasion we will speak out on political issues and seek impute of our political leadership. On rare occasion we will editorialize. When we do so it is an impassioned plea to expand the core of our education system to focus on the importance of an education system focused on 21st Century Jobs growth, a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering  and Mathematics and encouragement to reengage in vocational technical education to benefit the jobs opportunities for the region.

We believe that Alamogordo with its proximity to White Sands National Park, The Lincoln National Forest and the other wonderful regional resources is at a cusp of opportunity for growth and revitalization to bring it back to its glory days. 

In the 1960's and early 1970's the Alamogordo school system was ranked in the top 10 in the nation, paid its educators in the top tier of the nation and was a center for arts and sciences. That glory of the past can come back to the town and region if the business community and political leadership truly partners with the arts community and tourism community and collaborates on a reinvention of the town as a cultural, fitness and arts community that embraces tourism and celebrates the natural beauty of the region.

Our job as a local online news source sponsored by our readers and business community is to highlight those things that make the region special, highlight primarily the positive and we will leave the negativity of bad news to the other news outlets. We celebrate achievement, we celebrate excellence, we celebrate Alamogordo.

Join us. Sign up for our daily positive news alerts via email. Advertise with us! Encourage neighbors to submit stories of positivity and successes and we will happily showcase those that are positive and represent the best of Alamogordo and the region of Southern New Mexico.

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