Alamogordo Fri. Jun 4 2021

Alamogordo Town News Conspiracy Buster Report: Trump isn’t returning to the White House in August nor Could He!

The United State Constitution clearly outlines the process for placing the man or woman into the White House. Rather one agrees or disagrees with the results of the electoral college on January 6th, 2021 the president is elected by the electoral college and not by popular vote and not by the will of the people. Knock off the conspiracy theories, get back into the reality and participate in the electorial process. Hold politicians accountable locally, at the state level and nationally by writing them, calling them and commenting on the official record. Facebook and social media posts are not official record. Use the official channels. Participate, vote!
Alamogordo Fri. Jun 4 2021

Alamogordo Town News: Let's Get Involved! Encouraging Civic Engagement with your City Commission Representatives.

Alamogordo's fiscal year ends on June 30 each year. The sources of City government income and their percentages of the whole were: gross receipts tax (31%), miscellaneous (23%), grants (22%), user fees (19%), and property tax (5%). The annual budget of the City of Alamogordo is around $61 Million a year in revenues verses spending....Phone numbers to call commissioners are... City Commission / City Manager, Richard Boss, Mayor at Large (575-214-0024), Nadia Sikes, Mayor Pro-Tem/District 2 (575-491-7910), Jason Baldwin, District 1 (575-921-1093), Susan Payne, District 3 (575-491-0211), Joshua Rardin, District 4 (575-434-0720), Sharon McDonald, District 5 (575-446-9910), Dustin Wright, District 6 (575-430-3395), Brian Cesar, City Manager (575-439-4203)
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Thursday June 24

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2nd Life Media Alamogordo Community POST...
Alamogordo Thu. Jun 3 2021

Alamogordo Town News Congressional Report Card: 5 Unique Votes, How did they vote?

Let’s look at the voting record on 5 recent votes on major legislation specific to the safety of the capital, investigating the events of January 6th, condemning of a shooting in Atlanta, Hate Crimes Against Asians and Protections of Pregnant Women in the workplace. Of those 5 pieces of legislation Representative Yvette Herrell voted against all 5. Representative Teresa Leger Fernandez voted yes in favor of each of the 5 legislative initiatives. The pregnancy protection act was a bi-partisan proposal with 228 co-sponsors both Republican and Democratic. Details below...
Alamogordo Mon. May 31 2021

Memorial Day Shopping Roadrunner Emporium Special Savings and Savings at Hundreds of Listed Online Retailers...

Locally Roadrunner Emporium and Fine Arts Gallery is Open Memorial Day 10 to 6 with a very special sale. Come Check out the 40 small business owners and artist represented for art, jewelry, fresh local farms products and more. Also, Memorial Day Weekend is a very big sales weekend for many online retailers as summer gets into full swing. Online retailers are having sales 10% to 50% off. We encourage shop local but if not found local check out the savings online at the over 200 retailers listed below...