2nd Life Media Alamogordo Town News and KALH Radio Thank You

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Mr. Edwards and Sepulveda,

Thank you for bringing your journalism to Alamogordo. Without the news coverage and information from your organization many of us in Alamogordo would be lost. This last week alone you informed and helped the public become aware that the Christmas parade was at risk of being cancelled and that the Fun Center was closed. Without your stories that told the history of each issue and how the “Institutions” arrived at their decisions or the background the public would have just blown past the issue.

I see you are criticized often for reporting and sometimes commentary. I don’t always agree with your commentary but I appreciate the background, the story details and yes even the commentary rather I agree with that portion or not.

You are providing a community service for little to no pay and are important to Alamogordo. A city with biased radio stations owned by a state Senator and a newspaper without local connections any longer you are the real source of information that can be trusted to tell the public what’s going on. Thank you.

I am convinced without your coverage the Chamber of Commerce would have pushed out their email quickly that there will be no Christmas parade. Most of the public would have missed it and the parade would have been cancelled. I know your article saved the parade as so many residents reacted to your story and the chamber was forced to rally and seek a solution. The small businesses that came to the table is super. But we all know they only came to the table after pressure was put on them. 

Similar to the Fun Center closing. That whole project was a public funded debacle that made a few developers even richer but has brought no value to Alamogordo. Your coverage to include the history of the project was spot on. That story will continue and I hope your information helps the public to pressure the city government to sell that fiasco and never those funds into something for families on New York Avenue or the city center.

Your stories on the efforts of rehabilitation downtown and The Dudley Project are so important and are correct the city core and old neighborhoods need to investment to build on our heritage and community.

A free press is important but it costs money to operate. How can we ensure you are paid to keep these efforts going? Your news organization is a local treasure that is needed more than ever this weeks coverage has proven!

Thank you for the press coverage and the commitment to Alamogordo!

Your valued readers!

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