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Alamogordo Sun. May 9 2021

Alamogordo Sport History: A Look Back at the 1973 Alamogordo Tigers Track and Field Team with District & State Results

A Look Back at the 1973 Alamogordo Tigers Track and Field Team brings us to the first of many track and field state trophies to be awarded to Alamogordo High School under the leadership of Coach Bob Sepulveda who led the team from the late 60's to the mid 90's. The 1973 Alamogordo Tiger Track and Field felt the pressure of District Wins each of the 3 preceding years. From a team of only 13 just 3 years ago, the 1973 squad consisted of 32 team members...
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Alamogordo Thu. May 6 2021

#4 Mescalero Apache Boys Defeated, Rolla Buck Invitational at Tiger Field this Friday, Tiger Girls Named...

Number 1 ranked Rehoboth Christian defeated Number 4 ranked Mescalero Apache Boys in the State Basketball 2A Semifinals tonight with a score of 46-34.Girls Basketball - All-District 3-5A Alamogordo 1st Team was named consisting of - Justyse Martin with Honorable Mention going to Sydney Lessentine, Abby Vasquez and Jacqueline Vera. The Rolla Buck Invitational Track Meet is this Friday at 4:30 let's support our Tigers!
Alamogordo Mon. May 3 2021

Informational Post: Building Awareness, International Press Freedom Day, Alamogordo, May 3, 2021

Building Awareness Press Freedom Day, Alamogordo, Even here in Alamogordo the primary newspaper is owned by a media conglomerate resulting in diminished local coverage and opinions expressed directed from far off corporate offices. Journalists uncover the truth, check the abuse of power, and demand transparency from those in power. They are indispensable to the functioning of democracy. Local free citizen journalism is more important now than at any time in our county's history with a focus on local sports, business successes and positivity. That is where we fill a void. We are here to inform, inspire and encourage. We ask for you to support our advertisers, share our pages and daily posts, sign up for our free daily newsletter and share our vision of positive news and affirmations to a more positive community.`