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Alamogordo Sat. Apr 10 2021

4-10-2021 Today's positive affirmation...“Never look down on someone…unless you are helping to pull them up.”

4-10-2021 Today's positive affirmation...“Never look down on someone…unless you are helping to pull them up.” Science and real-world experience tell us that it actually takes a minimum of 28 days to begin to form a habit, but on average its really between 60 to 90 days. For most of us 90 days is a much more effective and realistic timeframe to incorporate a new behavior into our life, thus 90 Days To A Glass Half Full Lifestyle.

Alamogordo Sat. Apr 10 2021

History- The 1920's The Rise of High School Athletics Associations, the founding of the New Mexico Athletics Association & Alamogordo's 1st State Winners

This article continues our series with excerpts and research from our book series on the history of New Mexico High School Athletics centered around Alamogordo High School from 1912 forward. The very first state medal winner in 1917 for an athlete from Alamogordo High School was named Wohlenberg who scored a 5 foot 7.75 inches and New Mexico State Medalist in High Jump...By 1916, the United States was starting to educate its children for more years than most other countries, even while admitting a surge of immigrants. The ruling elite feared that all this schooling would make Anglo-Saxon boys soft and weak, in contrast to their brawny, newly immigrated peers. Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. warned that cities were being overrun with “stiff-jointed, soft-muscled, paste-complexioned youth.”...Sports, the thinking went, would both protect boys’ masculinity and distract them from vices like gambling and prostitution. “Muscular Christianity,” fashionable during the Victorian era, prescribed sports as a sort of moral vaccine against the tumult of rapid economic growth.

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Alamogordo Wed. Apr 7 2021

History and A Spotlight on Women's Entrepreneurship - New Mexico Leads the Nation

"In 1972, women-owned businesses represented just 4.6% of all businesses, but today, that number has skyrocketed to 42%...In New Mexico, women have broken glass ceilings throughout history. Women have served in elected office since before statehood: The first Hispanic female legislators in the United States served in New Mexico’s territorial legislature in 1895... New Mexico ranks first in the nation for female-owned businesses...

Alamogordo Tue. Apr 6 2021

Motivational Thoughts for New Mexicans and Beyond - The Journey Toward Positivity...

The Journey toward positivity. Don't expect everyone to understand your journey, especially if they have never walled in your path. Learn, grow and find your own POWER of the POSSIBLE with each New Day... Our lives are a journey. The journey we take can lead to periods of great joy and amazing experiences. A life lived in full also can lead us onto pathways and encounters that are not pleasant and can lead to memories that can be painful and may take one into darkness and despair. A life in full follows a variety of paths. How we react to those circumstances both joyous and painful is what defines our character and our legacy. Our legacy is our footprint on the pathway of life imprinted for future generations.

Alamogordo Tue. Apr 6 2021

New Mexico History- The Founding of Alamogordo and the evolution of High School Athletics 1912- 1950's.

New Mexico History- The Founding of Alamogordo and the evolution of High School Athletics 1912- 1950's. In 1898 Alamogordo was split into two cities: Alamogordo a primarily Caucasian enclave and Chihuahua a primarily Mexican/Latin American enclave. The two were merged in 1912 and became the incorporated city of Alamogordo, New Mexico.... Dudley School was built in 1914 and had four classrooms. Dudley School was set up as part of a segregation plan at the time and specialized in children that did not speak English being educated in a separate school facility. Hispanics could not go north of 10th Street or into the plaza at the time. The city of Alamogordo, New Mexico with its proximity to Texas was a racially divided city.... Alamogordo High School began an organized sports program in 1912 for Caucasian boys offering PE, Track & Field and Basketball and Football. The African American School was called the Delaware School and the school that spoke Spanish only was the Dudley School. Athletes from those schools were segregated from the white schools of the time.

Alamogordo Sun. Apr 4 2021

Alamogordo Sports History: "The Football Game to Remember 1972: Alamogordo High Verses Artesia"

The homecoming game against Artesia in November of 72...Artesia and Alamogordo were and are fierce rivals and have a history. Alamogordo players, in protest a few years prior, had left Alamogordo and gone to Artesia to make political statement. Further, Artesia showed no mercy to the Alamogordo Tigers over the years. Going into 1972, Artesia had beat Alamogordo 19 times in prior meetings...Since 1946 the scoresheet shows Artesia winning 19 times, losing 2 and tying 1....