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Sunday May 16

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2nd Life Media Alamogordo Community POST...
Alamogordo Sat. May 1 2021

Happy May Day - The History of May Day Celebrations

May Day is a celebration that involves singing, dancing, celebrating in color around the May Pole or leaving a basket of flowers for a neighbor. Photographed above is a artist interpretation of May Day in New Mexico called "Stark" a celebration via a basket of flowers for May created by Alamogordo Artist Rene Sepulveda - Roadrunner Emporium Alamogordo. The sculpture can be seen on McKinley Avenue Alamogordo.

Alamogordo Sat. May 1 2021

Volleyball, Track & Field, Basketball & Academics Star Ajia Hughes Cloudcroft Signs with Southern Utah University

The staff of 2nd Life Media and Alamogordo Town News congratulates Ajia Hughes on her signing Southern Utah University, he athletics abilities in Track and Field, Volleyball, Basketball and her academic success brings pride to the Alamogordo region. From High Jump, 4 X 100 to Volleyball and Basketball to Academics this young lady has what it takes to succeed and lead...

Alamogordo Thu. Apr 29 2021

History Made 11/14/1960 & 4/28/21 "One Small Step" Ruby Bridges & Kamala Harris

The significance of this State of the Union Address. Two women, Ruby Bridges & Kamala Harris - bright, committed, positive and successful, demonstrate the power of action and how, small actions we do today, may impact the history of an unconnected stranger decades down the road. The historical significance of 11/14/1960 and 4/28/21 shows the destiny of the two amazing passionate women of color intertwined and bound by destiny.