Questions for the candidates? Answers to be released soon.

Image did a call out to all candidates in Otero County running for office to answer our questionnaire on where they stand on a number of issues. Candidate responses will be released to those that responded over the next few weeks. In case any candidate missed the email or the opportunity to respond below is the list of questions, we are eager to see a response to inform the public of your qualifications and motivations to serve in public office. Responses will be released soon...

Candidate Questionnaire Otero/Alamogordo Primary Elections.

  1. Provide a brief biography of your governing and business experience.
  2. If you have held office please provide 3 pieces of legislation, ordinances, or initiatives that you personally sponsored that were focused on jobs or education. Please provide the outcomes to the legislation since passed. If your office is judicial please explain your judicial policies or view from the bench.
  3. What piece of legislation or ordinance have you passed that you are proudest off? If Judicial what ruling had the greatest impact on you when making it and why?
  4. Why are you running for office?
  5. What is your vision for the office you seek?
  6. When we sit down 4 years from now what will you tell us you have accomplished while in the office you seek?
  7. When is the last time you visited New York Avenue and shopped or spoke in person with the shop owners of that business district?
  8. What do you view as the biggest opportunity and how you can assist with that opportunity for business growth in the New York Avenue business corridor?
  9. When is the last time you attended a High School Sports program?
  10. When is the last time you attended a High School Academic or Arts Program? Which event?
  11. What is the last event you participated in at the Flickinger Center?
  12. What have you done to support local entrepreneurship and jobs growth the last 4 years?
  13. What have you done to improve upon the blight of abandoned homes and derelict businesses in Alamogordo or Otero County in the last 4 years?
  14. What have you done to welcome new businesses into Alamogordo?
  15. Name the top 5 locally owned businesses that you believe best represent the image you would like to see of Alamogordo going forward.
  16. Do you support an arts and cultural zone and diversity?
  17. What outreach have you done to build bridges of understanding and collaboration between people of color, the LBGTQ community and local government and the business community?
  18. How are you funding your campaign?
  19. Would you support a local city and or county ordinance that requires more detailed annual reporting and transparency of finances on anyone in elected office with annual reports on campaign fundraising?
  20. Would you participate in a public drop in, questions and answers and/or a public forum hosted at Roadrunner Emporium 928 New York Avenue?
  21. Would you support the growth of more bars, restaurants, galleries, and entertainment venues in Alamogordo’s New York Avenue area? What will you do personally to support growth and revitalization of the corridor?
  22. What is the one thing about Alamogordo that excites you the most?
  23. Can you work in a bi-partisan manner with the majority party to drive more state and federal funding into redevelopment and jobs creation into the district?
  24. Rather a judicial candidate or other candidate what can you do in your role to help solve the issue of homelessness and mental health patients on the streets of Alamogordo?

We look forward to receiving the responses from those candidates we have not heard from and look forward to releasing the responses to those that have.

Stay tuned...

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