White Sands National Park Extreme Heat Advisory


White Sands National Park is currently experiencing extremely high temperatures. Please be advised we are under a heat advisory through the weekend. If you are planning to visit the park this weekend, please keep these tips in mind...

1) Create a travel plan that you can stick to and share it with an emergency contact.

2) Hike only at cooler times of the day, which at the moment is during the morning hours.

3) Drink plenty of water the day before your hike and also drink water before you feel thirsty. The visitor center complex is the only place to get water in the park.

4) Eating salty snacks will replenish the salt lost as you sweat. We get very low humidity, and you might not notice how much you sweat because it evaporates so quickly.

5) Cell phone and GPS reception are unreliable in the park, so plan ahead!

For more information, you can visit our safety page on our website.


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