Olympic Record Breaking Shot Putter Ryan Crouser Lands Taylor Swift as New Girlfriend


Will the NFL miss the Swift Effect? What will be the gain to Track and Field?

Olympic Record Breaking Shot Putter, Ryan Crouser, lands no other than the infamous Taylor Swift as his new girlfriend.

Ryan Crouser is an American track and field athlete who competes in the shot put and discus. He specializes in the shot put, in which he is a two-time Olympic gold medalist and a three-time World Champion. He holds the world record in the shot put, both indoors and outdoors. He set the outdoor world record at 23.56 meters in May 2023, improving upon his previous record of 23.37 m from July 2021. He has held the indoor record of 22.82 m since January 2021. 

Taylor Swift, the world knows as one of the world leaders in music and culture. Her influence on the NFL by attending games of her previous boyfriend bulked interest in the NFL and resulted in record sales of Kansas City Chiefs paraphernalia.

Now, according to reporting by Tim Silva of LetsRun.com  a publicist for Taylor Swift confirmed that the world’s biggest singing star is not only romantically linked with Ryan Crouser, the world’s greatest shot putter, but will also attend the Prefontaine Classic Diamond League meet at the University of Oregon’s Hayward Field on May 25.

Tim Silva of LetsRun.com continues, “actually , Swift may not watch much else besides the men’s shot put. Although she has a delicate ectomorph body type, she seemingly has no interest in gaunt, sinewy distance runners and their feats of endurance. She has a reputation as a lover of big, brawny, hirsute men who perform feats of strength.

(The definition of hirsute covered with coarse stiff hairs)

How did the two stars meet and what led to this budding romance? Although Swift and Crouser have been mostly mum, they did speak separately with LetsRun’s Weldon Johnson.

“With the NFL season over since early February and not restarting until late fall,said Swift, “I’d frankly become bored and restless. Channel surfing one day, I happened to see this big guy (6 foot, 7 inches tall with a weight of 320 lbs.) throw for gold in Glasgow. I thought, now there’s a man with style and a sport I could really stick with. So, my people reached out to his people, we met soon thereafter, and we’ve been an item ever since. Ry-Ry—that’s what I call him now—can bench press way more than what’s-his-name Kelce. Plus, he doesn’t end up covered in bruises and incredibly sore for 5 days after every competition. Speaking of which, Ry-Ry gets to compete in much more interesting places. Would I prefer to spend my Sundays in dull NFL cities like Kansas City, Buffalo, Baltimore, and Cleveland, or in glamorous Diamond League destinations like Paris, Monaco, London, Rome, and Zurich? Duh!”

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be in this position,Crouser told WeJo.In honor of Tay-Tay, during the Pre meet I’ll wear a red singlet in the ring and a cardigan to keep warm between throws. And with her support, I know I’ll never have another cruel summer, like in 2019 when I only won the silver medal in Doha. By this August I’ll have another gold, from Paris, and that’ll be the case evermore.”

So, wow what a switch for Taylor Swift. What happens to the NFL? Rating drop? The Cheifs loss in value? 

And, imagine the change to the world of Ryan Crouser. We wish the two of them complete happiness. 

What is the “Swift Factor” in sports value? According to Sports Illustrated, her influence significant. With so many non-football fans watching the Super Bowl, it was expected that the Swift Effect would be strong for the game

Sports Media Watch has an excellent and detailed breakdown of just how strongly Swift impacted viewership for the big game.

Among the highlights from Sports Media Watch’s report:

In women ages 18 to 24, this year’s Super Bowl viewership was up 24% from last year. The biggest year-over-year gain in Super Bowl viewership this year was among women 18-24, 3.87 million of whom tuned in across CBS and Univision — up 24% from last year (3.18M). Men 18-24 placed second with a 20% increase (from 3.86 to 4.61 million) and girls 12-17 third with an 11% jump (from 2.63 to 2.85 million). Those three demographics combined to average 1.81 million more viewers than last year, accounting for 24% of the additional audience for this year’s game (7.41M).

According to Click Analytic, Taylor Swift boosted the NFL and the Kansas City Chiefs’ brand value by a whopping $331.5 million for the season.

Amidst all the Swift hype, Travis Kelce’s jerseys were selling like crazy, with sales up 400%.

It’s clear: when a player shines (and aligns with the right influencer and Taylor Swift is the big influencer of all with the 24 and under crowd), their merch flies off the racks.  

The cherry on top for the athlete she has her eyes on? Kansas City Chiefs  Travis’s follower growth on instagram has sky-rocketed by over +125%!

So what will be the influence of Taylor Swift dating Ryan Crouser be on the sport of Track and Field? Stay tuned

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