Donald Trump's Comments Hurt New Mexico and other States Republican Early Voting Initiative


The Republican Party of New Mexico has been actively engaged in shaping early voting plans and election strategies. It joins a number of other state parties that are making an effort to get voters out to the polls for early voting.

In New Mexico the Republican party has launched a voting portal encouraging Republican voters to make their vote plan by providing essential information such as registration, volunteering, and donation options.

According to Pew Research, Americans generally believe that voting is an effective way to bring about positive change in the country. But in recent years, there have been contentious debates in a number of states over the rules around voting and elections.

A new national survey finds deep partisan divisions over some voting policies, especially voting by mail.

Yet other proposals draw widespread public support, including from majorities in both partisan coalitions:

  • Requiring paper ballot backups for electronic voting machines (82% favor this),
  • Requiring people to show government-issued photo identification to vote (81%),
  • Making early voting available for two weeks prior to Election Day (76%),
  • Making Election Day a national holiday (72%) and
  • Allowing convicted felons to vote after serving their sentences (69%).

More than eight-in-ten Republicans and those who lean to the Republican Party (85%), and a similar share of Democrats and Democratic leaners (82%), favor paper ballot backups for electronic voting machines.

Nearly half of Americans (47%) favor banning groups from collecting completed ballots to return to official voting centers, while roughly the same share (50%) opposes this. The public is also relatively divided over removing people from voter registration lists if they have not voted recently or confirmed their registration, with slightly more opposing this (55%) than supporting it (44%).

Republicans are about twice as likely as Democrats (60% vs. 27%) to support the removal of inactive records from registration lists. Republicans are also more likely than Democrats (56% vs. 41%) to favor banning groups from collecting and returning ballots.

The single widest partisan gap on the voting policies asked about in this survey is over “allowing any voter to vote by mail if they want to.” And that gap is now substantially wider than it was in April 2020, the result of a sharp decline in support among Republicans:

  • Today, just 28% of Republicans say any voter should be allowed to vote by mail if they want to. Four years ago, 49% of Republicans said this.
  • An overwhelming share of Democrats (84%) continue to say voting by mail should be available to all voters. Democratic support is essentially unchanged over this period.

The Republican National Committee launched an effort last summer to increase early-voter turnout in 2024, seeking to curtail a Democratic advantage and to put more distance between the GOP and former President Donald Trump's past criticism of mail and early ballots. And yet, he is on a roll again against early voting contrary to his own party leadership strategy.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel announced last fall, "Bank Your Vote," which the party said in a news release will "encourage, educate, and activate Republican voters on when, where, and how to lock in their votes as early as possible, through in-person early voting, absentee voting, and ballot harvesting where legal."

The effort will have voters sign up at, triggering digital reminders from the RNC on early voting options. The party will also activate its volunteer network in each state, which the RNC said has made more than 300 million volunteer door knocks and phone calls in the last two election cycles, to activate "neighbor-to-neighbor contact to inform and mobilize Republicans."

The New Mexico voter site operated by the New Mexico Republican Party is Early Vote Plan - Republican Party of New Mexico.

Mediate on MSN reported that, Republican front runner Donald J Trump at a town hall event hosted by Fox News on Tuesday in South Carolina, host Laura Ingraham asked the former president to address voter concerns about mail-in ballots.

“What are you going to do to make sure we don’t have problems going forward?” she asked.

“If you have mail-in voting, you automatically have fraud,” Trump replied, repeating a lie he’s been telling for years.

“OK, well, there’s mail-in voting in Florida, and you won huge,” Ingraham shot back, referring to Trump’s 2020 victory in the state over President Joe Biden.

Trump has persistently attacked mail-in voting as rife with fraud, which he falsely claims cost him the 2020 election, even though he himself has voted by mail.

Following a disappointing midterm result for Republicans, party officials have amped up efforts to change voter attitudes about the process, encouraging Republican voters to request mail-in ballots and vote early.

Analyst claim that his attacks on early voting impacted the New York special election and shows Trump's one-man assault on early voting continues to hurt the GOP.

Trump has both supported and then repeatedly undermined that messaging. Given his followers take him literally this messaging complicates the efforts of the RNC and the state Republican Party efforts in New Mexico and beyond.

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