Couy Griffin on DC Appeal Scheduled for Monday Dec 4th and Supreme Court Status


Cowboys for Trump Founder, Couy Griffin is setting up the saddle and hitting the road for his cross country drive to the courthouse in Washington DC, where he is set to go to court, on his appeal of the charges filed against him for engaging in acts of insurrection.

Couy Griffin interviewed with Anthony Lucero of Krazy KALH Radio for our radio edition. He shared his thoughts on the case on appeal, updated us on the Supreme Court action related to his removal from office, and explained why he would rather drive then fly these days.

The case in DC is an appeal to the lower court case finding him guilty the day of the alleged insurrection as a participant that went into restricted space. His case is pending on rather he knew it was restricted space and rather it was marked.

In a more astonishing revelation was that his appeal to the US Supreme Court concerning his removal under the 14th Amendment to the Constitution is on the docket for review. The US Supreme Court demanded action from the Supreme Court of New Mexico.

Mr. Griffin's radio interview can be heard on Tuesday streaming on the news hours on KALH Radio or can be heard anytime via the podcast on the Krazy KALH Radio YouTube Channel

Transcript of the interview...

KALH Radio's Anthony Lucero: Your appeal is one week from today is that right?

Couy Griffin: "that's right December 4th Monday"

KALH Radio's Anthony Lucero: all right so tell me about it...

Couy Griffin: "Well um you know it's is part of the process the appeal process but the appeal that we filed pertains directly to the to the restricted Zone area in the capital and that charge Anthony and what was proven in my trial and is proven over and over is that that area was NOT visibly marked according to U S code so if we can get the appeals court to acknowledge the fact that there was no way that we could know that that area was um was restricted then you know that and that in itself could begin to change the face of January 6, Anthony because that would establish precedence that we had the legal right to have been on that ground and any action that was taken against us would have been illegal action by the government, you know so um, it could be a game changer. I'm I'm praying for a win."

KALH Radio's Anthony Lucero: I assuming you have counsel for this case right?

Couy Griffin: "Absolutely yeah, it's a DC DC court of appeals um, Leisa Wright she has prepared, I don't know how many pages of the brief, it is, um you know, I think that there's some very clear, uh points made and you know, I mean, I was, I was charged with knowingly um entering into restricted Zone, and the government failed to prove that point, on on every front you know, hey didn't produce any evidence that um, would point to the fact that or to any, you know charge that I knew that was restricted area, so I mean it's just it's a good appeal and um I'm praying for I'm praying for another good win."

KALH Radio's Anthony Lucero: What's the word from your Council? Are they feeling as froggy as you are?

Couy Griffin: "I believe so you, know I mean anytime you enter into the fight, you enter in with the expectations to win! You know, so um, I feel that you know of course that comes into play but at the same time, when you just look at the base just the just the legal base of this the face of it um you know, they they didn't have a mark on, you know I mean, that that was proven in my criminal trial for anybody that followed along and it's in the recorded minutes, I mean we had a 22-year veteran of the Secret Service on the stand and showed her pictures and photos of the front of the capital on that day and she couldn't, she couldn't identify where the Zone started, um so I mean ,that that's a problem! You you get a bunch of bunch Out of Towners in town, how in the heck were we supposed to know that this there was an invisible line around the capital, hat um was a restricted area you know. I mean yeah."

KALH Radio's Anthony Lucero: So when are you going to heading out to DC?

Couy Griffin: "I'm heading, I'm planning on driving out, I'm going to leave on Friday, and uh so I'm going to drive out.

I don't feel like getting the TSA pat down, I'm sick of that, I'm sick of flying only for the fact that I'm sick of being felt up, every time I go to get on a plane you know. So um I'm just going to drive and uh and I'll be in person at court you know I'll be once again back inside of a DC courtroom.

But you know, uh it's interesting and I don't even know if I've talked to you since this action started happening on the other side of this legal, uh um removal deal you know, where I filed a petition with the United tates Supreme Court.

Anthony on the uh, whenever they removed and barred me from ever holding office again and so we didn't hear anything back from the Supreme Court, the United States Supreme Court for a while, so we filed a motion to demand a response by December the14th.

Well as soon as we filed that motion to demand a response from the United States Supreme Court, the United States Supreme Court filed a uh a motion to the New Mexico Supreme Court demanding them to render an opinion on that legal action, because whenever I was removed by Matthews, in in the first district in State Court um didn't agree with the court, I didn't agree, with what he did, so I appealed to the New Mexico Supreme Court.

They skirted the issue and they wouldn't give me a response, which then in turn opened, up that Avenue to go to the United States Supreme Court.

So now, um I feel like it's all coming back home to New Mexico where it should be you know I mean the New Mexico Supreme Court should give a response instead of hiding, you know underneath their robes."

KALH Radio's Anthony Lucero: Well, that was actually where I was going, to ask you next, is where that was but you answered ahead of time so I like that! Perfect well, is there anything else you want to with the people that are hearing you?

Couy Griffin: "I guess, you know as as we, as we deal in our country today with the weaponized Judiciary we also have to recognize that January 6 has been weaponized against a bunch of good just Freedom loving, and good salt of the Earth Americans, and uh, I feel like now with the footage being released of the capital, on that day, finally um, I believe that the videos will show the truth and the truth will change the narrative, and the narrative will prove the fact that the real Insurrection occurred on November 5th, through a stolen and rigged election. So that's what we're shooting for Anthony that's what we're believing in, and uh Lord only knows how it's going to fall out."

KALH Radio's Anthony Lucero: That brings me to another side, question, sorry but you brought one up to my mind, do you feel this latest local election was 100% real or was there some foul play there?

Couy Griffin: "You know what Anthony, as long as there's a electronic tabulators that are going unchecked counting our votes I won't trust any election from this point forward. You know I mean when I said as a county commissioner all my demand was to Dominion in the state of New Mexico was that we could get those machines inspected to make sure they didn't have technology that would send nor uh receive information, and our requests were completely shut down, we were forced to use those machines, look at them or uh, use them, don't look at them under that, precept and, uh as long as we're dealing with people, that are in control of our elections, that aren't being transparent, um, I'll question everyone of them from here forward."

Transcription done in English auto-generated) all from Krazy KALH Radio Political News.

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