Stephanie Dubois Sworn In

Image Stephanie Dubois The Honorable Angie Schneider conducted the swearing in ceremony.

Stephanie Dubois is the Democratic candidate for Otero County District 2 Commission. She is facing Republican Amy Barela in the November general election.

DuBois said she received a call from the Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham's office on  informing her of the decision to complete paperwork for the vetting. Ms DuBois them completed the package, was vetted and the Governor appointed her to fill in the position vacated by Couy Griffin due to Court order.
Friday a group of supporters and community members met at the County Commission chambers and she was sworn in.

New Appointed Stephanie Dubois with Jeff Swenson

Stephanie Dubois was sworn in as County Commissioner Dist 2 today. The Honorable Angie Schneider conducted the swearing in ceremony. ”I will work to serve all the people!” was her statement.

Opponent in the upcoming election Amy Barela was present and wished her luck as a sign of maturity in showing support of the office. 

Early voting is happening now in Otero County for the election of November 8th. Early voting results show Republicans out pacing Democrats to the polls in early voting.

Amy Barela and Stephanie Dubois are encouraging early voting by their supporters on both sides of the isle to ensure all votes are cast and all people get a chance to vote without long lines nor issues.

Some of the more radicalized members of the local Republican party are encouraging people to stay at home until Election Day based on unproven theories. Ms Barela in a statement to said she believes in the integrity of the local elections and the local process. She said her own recount in the primary showed the local process is secure and worked. She gained 3 votes in the primary recount and confirmed, “the issue on the 3 votes was voter error in filling out the ballot not machine error.”

The issue of election integrity had been a hot button in Otero County with propaganda and investigations with NO evidence of fraud or anything out of sorts exposed LOCALLY with machines. 

Both candidates are encouraging supporters to vote early and both have shown confidence in the local County Clerk in ensuring a clean and accountable election.

The county commissioners meet in Special Session next week for a single agenda item

and then 2 regular sessions are scheduled by the end of the year.

The story has been updated we reported the wrong judge conducted the swearing initially the correction is 830 am Saturday 
“The Honorable Angie Schneider conducted the swearing in ceremony.”

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