Recount Nets a One Vote Change Amy Barela Wins Primary


Recount results: Amy Barela 802, GB Oliver 792

As a result of  the June 7 Republican primary election for the District 2 Otero County Commission seat which was found too close to call by election officials, a recount was held Monday to declare the Republican nominee for the seat.

The two contenders were former Republican Party of Otero County head and owner-operator at North 54 Salvage Amy Barela and Alamogordo Center of Commerce Executive Director G.B. Oliver.

Both Barela and Oliver each received about 50 prevent of the vote in the primary. Amy Barela received 801 votes compared with 786 votes cast for Oliver per the primary count.

A recount of the ballots began Monday morning, and was expected to continue throughout the day with the winner verified of Oliver gaining 1 vote and in the end Amy Barela won the recount 802 to 792.

The recount occurred under the existing laws under the existing ballot system in which some Republican leadership in the county had questioned the legitimacy of the machines and the process fighting certification until the courts stepped in.

Given the candidates and the party is standing by this election result then tacit agreement with the process is implied by agreement with this result.  

Most individuals from all parties, agree all elections need additional safeguards and monitoring in place but the pathway to those safeguards have led to much debate and conspiracy theories feeding election fears.

In speaking with GB Oliver on the pending recount Friday evening he stated he would “strongly support whatever the outcome was and believed he and Amy either one was committed to the county.”

Ms Barela now faces her Democratic rival Stephanie DuBoise in the heavily conservative district replacing outgoing Commissioner Couy Griffin. 

Ms. Barela and Ms. DuBoise have both committed a “clean race” in battle for the vote culminating with the November 8 election and count.

Congratulations Amy Barela on a hard fought race proving grass roots door knocking and conversations win races! 

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