Introspection by Johnnie Walker: Great, Again?


When we hear the phrase "Make America Great Again," we are filled with a sense of hope and anticipation. It invokes a feeling that things will get better, that we will return to a time of prosperity and unity

But the question we must ask ourselves is this: when was America great that we want to do it again? I slight no individuals that wear the apparel and carry the slogan on banners. This is not about any group or drawing attention to people, my attention is turned on a created truth.

It is easy to look back at certain periods in our history and romanticize them, to believe that there was a time when everything was perfect and everyone was happy. 

But the reality is far more complex. America has always been a nation of contradictions, a place where great strides forward have been made alongside great injustices

To say that we want to make America great again implies that there was a time when it was flawless, when everyone was content and all was right with the world. But that simply isn't true.

Yes, there have been moments in our history when we have achieved great things. The Civil Rights movement, the moon landing, the end of World War II - these are all moments when America showed its strength and resilience. But we cannot ignore the darker side of our past, the times when we fell short of our ideals and failed to live up to our potential.

The truth is that America has always been a work in progress. We have made great strides forward in terms of civil rights, equality, and justice, but we have also faced setbacks and challenges along the way.

To say that we want to make America great again is to ignore this reality, to overlook the struggles and sacrifices of those who have fought for progress and change.

If we truly want to make America great, we must look to the future, not the past.

We must strive to create a more just and equitable society, one where everyone has the opportunity to succeed and thrive

We must confront the injustices and inequalities that still exist in our country and work to address them.

So let us not look to the past for guidance, but instead let us look to the future with hope and determination. 

Let us work together to make America great, not again, but for the first time

Let us strive for a nation that lives up to its ideals and values, a nation that truly embodies the principles of freedom, equality, and justice for all

Only then can we truly say that America is great.


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