Opinion: Donald Trump, My Messiah, My Leader, Our Faith - Guest Editorial by Jeff Davis, Esq

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Since 1840, in Vicksburg, Mississippi my family began their journey of political activism and every generation has proudly engaged with dreams of an America that truly represents the values of old.

We all believe things, and no matter our age, we all hold our own convictions. We are moved forward and motivated by a faith that leads us to act in this world, in this country of the United States, to live, to vote, to protest, to be. From the Boston Tea Party, to the War of Northern Aggression, people of faith, rose hell, and rioted, because they held convictions that align with Christian Gospel of justice and the days of the Old Testament, the very foundation for our Christian Republic. In God we trust, and seek an United States to become that promise land.

Donald J. Trump, whose platform appears to be very different from the teachings of Jesus Christ’s is indeed aligned with the teachings of Christ. His own words "Today we are in another struggle for survival of our nation," Trump told the event organized by the National Religious Broadcasters association. "This time the greatest threat is not from the outside of our country, I really believe this: it's from within."

This thought certainly aligns with my beliefs, and those I am aligned with. The soul of the nation has been under attack since that great day in 1840, when my ancestors, began their ascension into political activism, due then, to the threat from within, the threat to impart values, different than ours onto society. That fight, and those values, have been impressed upon this nation every since.

Not until the rise of Donald J Trump, has that passion been fostered, and focused, on returning the United States to the values of old. Some call us a cult. The reality is we are an army of Christian soldiers marching forward to the promise land.

"I am here today because I know that to achieve victory in this fight, just like in the battles of the past, we still need the hand of our Lord, and the grace of Almighty God," exclaimed Donald J Trump at a Christian rally in Nashville.

Amen, that is indeed the beliefs of his followers who are; mocked, ridiculed and defined, as uneducated.

We are educated on the power of God and the wisdom of leaders that follow the ideals of such.

"Christians, they can't afford to sit on the sidelines in this fight," Trump said. "The radical left is coming after all of us because they know that our allegiance is not to them. Our allegiance is to our country and our allegiance is to our creator."

Our beliefs align with his beliefs. Be it abortion, to Ukraine, these colors don't run, excepting for Ukraine where we never should be. Disengagement from the world is what we must do. We must retract and save the soul of the republic from within.

The liberal elite mock us and mock the travsity of the invasion of those from the south unto our homeland, the promise land. The invasion is real, and only, Donald J. Trump and his Christian fighters can save the Republic from destruction.

My ancestors grew into leadership during an age of Northern aggression on our way of life. Now we face aggression and invasion from the South of our borders and from within. Too many "others" have been allowed into our country. Those "others" don't understand American Ideals, don't understand or appreciate the Christian Foundation of our Nation, and don't understand they must assimilate into our way of life. Trump understands that.

Under the leadership of Trump our southern border will be secured, on day one he will activate a Christian army to roundup and to cleanse from within, he will disband those of dissenting beliefs and appoint and lift those Christian soldiers to the power levers of government.

It is time, we have a leader that looks at those of us who have been so aggrieved by this nation in the eye and call them beloved.

Donald Trump, believes as I do that every Christian is sacred and not beyond redemption, not beyond love as I do.

I believe that is true for Donald J. Trump. He is already absolutely beloved by God, despite some indiscretions , as he is only human and given who he is, the devil has battled him all of his life, with temptation. He without temptation cast the stone.

I believe it for him that he is just human, I believe he is for the Christian people. I adore those who themselves have been led to temptation on occasion by the power of the devil to cause hurt and allow injustice in their own ways. The ways of the wicked seep into the American psyche and it is time we have a leader that expels the wickedness from within our souls.

If we are honest, we can see my own brokenness as a nation in Donald Trump and yet that is what provides us as Christians hope. His own lostness, his own ego, his own failures to love a broader audience are all the result of his upbringing and the battles for greatness he has before him.

Onward Christian soldiers, we must fight with the vote and then fight in the streets via peaceful protest to safeguard our way of Christian life, to bring back the way of life envisioned by our very forefathers. And Donald J Trump is that leader to make it happen.

(Note the opinions expressed in this commentary may or may not represent the believes and values of the platform of the ownership of this media outlet. All opinions are welcome as long as civil and respectful in presentation.)

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Wow, it takes chuptzah to come here and say the things that you said. If you are an esquire, you really need to look at your grammar and tenses. I am of the personal opinion that Donald J. Trump is the furtherest thing from a christain, and if you regard him as such, I feel sorry for you. 

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