Pamela Renteria Deserving of Permanent Role as Superintendent

My family has been involved in education in the Alamogordo community since 1964. Personally I was educated by the public school system and went on to to achieve two master’s degrees, one in health sciences and a second masters in Epidemiology.

I’ve personally thought as a substitute teacher within APS and at the college level as a coach and instructor for major universities for 25 years. Unlike an individual that has posted attacks and filed lawsuits against the school system and made a personal campaign to rid the system of existing leadership through bullying and intimidation, I am educated and have knowledge of the inner workings of educational systems and major budgets.

I personally have been responsible for educational results, outcomes, diversity compliance and compliance with standards and regulations and mandates for accountability. Unlike the individuals going after educational leaders within APS I am familiar and am empathetic to the pressures, realities and yes politics of the game of educational leadership.

As such and as a product of Alamogordo I’ve been quiet for years about the importance of education leadership that actually has vision, political acumen and show’s leadership. The fact that Alamogordo schools have fallen from the top 10 in the nation to the bottom third is not a reflection on the present administration but on decades of neglect and mismanagement.

The present leadership over the last 2 years has made significant gains even under the pressures of Covid 19 and local ignorance specific to health mandates and public policy. The drama of the past Superintendent was avoidable. The ignorance of a small vocal minority of which is undereducated and has a personal vendetta and that truly does not understand the inner workings and limitations of local school authority is an issue of public concern. 

Mrs Renteria stepped into the role of acting APS superintendent during a period of transition, political uncertainty and unnecessary litigation. She has risen to the occasion of leadership, she has opened the doors of transparency in budget spending and through a series of forums and community discussions.

She has been more transparent with the press and public that any superintendent in the history of APS. Pamela Renteria has risen to the occasion as an example of a solid committed community and outcome focused school superintendent. She deserves a contract and a permanent appointment.

The propaganda of hate by a small radical element within Alamogordo needs to cease. It is time for the silent majority to stand up and say enough of the drama, enough of the divisive politics, enough of the finger pointing and blaming and demand that radical minority be held accountable for its actions of divisiveness that is harming the educational system.

Alamogordo deserves leadership, Mrs Renteria is the leader. Alamogordo deserves an educational system that free of radicalism and again leads the nation in innovation.

It can happen but only with respect, civility and collaboration of the community at large.

Let’s not let this radical fringe continue to drive Alamogordo further downward in educational outcomes and economic decline.

The silent moderate majority is awakening and Pamela Renteria is a smart choice to mend fences and continue to build a relationship with that silent moderate majority. 

Rene Sepulveda 

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Rene, thank you for bringing this to the public's attention. There is an insidious, evil group within Otero county which has been a problem for years. All moderates (of any stripe) need to be active and push for accountability.

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