Consistency Care and Compassion Elect Sharon McDonald

My family has been in Alamogordo and involved in the community and public education since 1964. We have seen many changes in  Alamogordo over the years and have known about every elected government official over those years. 

Since living in Alamogordo, one district -District 5 - consisting of Chihuahuita
has been neglected for decades.

I remember driving in the area as a child and asking my mom and dad why the neighborhood was so dark at night and didn’t have lights. During the day I noticed no sidewalks? Mom and dad said that’s just how it is honey and never fully explained how for decades politicians neglected this neighborhood. 

Why because it was the more economically challenged, more diverse part of town. The residents of Hispanic and Black culture that lived in the neighborhood were proud and grateful for what they had but they didn’t make waves and were minimal in their political influence. 

In the last 3 years there has been a revival of pride and interest in the neighborhood of Chihuahuita and that revival of interest, actual investment and community pride is driven by one community resident and community leader and that is Alamogordo City Commissioner Sharon McDonald.

The neighborhood has existed for in excess of 125 years and it has taken 125 years for a leader to spring forward, work quietly with the powers of government and pull the leavers to bring sidewalks to the district. There have been past commissioners and leaders but it took Sharon McDonald a girl who grew up in the district to actually persuade those in power to fund district improvements. And because Sharon is publicly quiet but persistent and passionate about results sidewalks are now being constructed throughout the neighborhood.

But that’s not all.

Before Sharon McDonald was elected there were NO parks in the district. Again leadership prevails and the Sacramento learning park was created on the back side of the High School in the district of Chihuahuita. Yes Sharon McDonald is who championed the cause, maneuvered the mechanics of government to get the approvals and commitments and now a small park is used by the local neighborhood kids.

Attend an Alamogordo MainStreet community planning meeting and who do you see, Commissioner Sharon McDonald. The MainStreet District is shared by two commissioners but only 1 is visible, attentive and actually championing the projects of the downtown revitalization and that is Sharon McDonald. From street cleanups to painting the murals and scrubbing the ally walls Commissioner Sharon McDonald is there. 

The Dudley School rehabilitation is a project that has been dreamed of for decades. Under the watch of Sharon McDonald and her championing the wheels of power to commit in partnership with the Tularosa Basin Historic Society- the Dudley is migrating from an eyesore of dereliction to a functional and sustainable community center with a community playground. Sharon McDonald made it happen.

Meeting Sharon McDonald and seeing her on the Dias of the City Commission meetings one would think she is quiet, timid and unassuming. Working behind the scenes with her one sees a woman with pride in her community, a passionate approach to getting results but doing so in an unassuming fashion.

Sharon McDonald is a woman who was raised in an era of quiet persuasion. She is not one to blow her own horn and self promote her accomplishments. She is proof you don’t have to be loud and controversial to get results. She is of an era when power is demonstrated by quiet persistence and visibility. Sharon is not the loudest voice in the room. She demonstrates her power and strength through the results of her actions. Her quiet unassuming manner is what moves the levers or power forward in wanting to collaborate with her for district and citywide improvements. 

Sharon McDonald demonstrates the power of persistence, the passion for community and a commitment towards results.

From Community cleanups, to walking the neighborhood and helping people connect to solutions Sharon McDonald is that leader that one sees daily in her district making a positive impact.

For those reasons and so many more it is important to keep Sharon McDonald on the city commission. Re-elect Sharon McDonald District 5 City Commissioner. There is no other elected official in Alamogordo as hard working, caring and passionate as is Mrs McDonald.

Take a drive into the neighborhood, see the new sidewalks, the Dudley School Rehab, visit the alley of New York Avenue and see the new murals in progress, visit the Sacramento Park and see the tangible results of Leadership by City Commissioner Sharon McDonald.

Re-elect Sharon McDonald commissioner. 

Sharon McDonald speaking to constituents for her district
Sharon McDonald staying in shape in the district to continue to serve
Sharon McDonald working on MainStreet cleanup of Alleyways
Sharon McDonald helping Alamogordo MainStreet allyway cleanup
Commissioner Sharon McDonald painting the walls at the Dudley School revitalization
Sharon McDonald brought funding and new Sidwalks to District 5
It took 125 Years bring sidewalks to Chihuahuita and Sharon McDonald made it happen
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