Otero County Settles with a $45,000 Payout in a Battle between Two Bullies

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A playground fight between two bullies; the Otero County Commission and suspended and under DPNM investigation, Democratic Central Committee Member, Mathew Crecelius, leads to a settlement costing local Otero County, New Mexico taxpayers $45,000.

If Mr. Crecelius was a man true to his alleged convictions, he would refuse the award, donate it back to the county conditional to the county hosting classes for students on free speech, assembly and freedom of the press. Instead?  

The Otero County Commission yielded to a legal complaint from a bully in the name of free speech costing Otero County taxpayers $45,000 via a plea agreement and a settlement verses a court proceeding.

Oh the irony, given, Mr. Crecelius has demonstrated himself as an individual that bully’s others and attempts to squelch free speech via shaming others that disagree with his belief systems. Mr. Crecelius is under investigation by the Democratic Party of New Mexico based on multiple allegations of him using bullying behaviors and inappropriate conduct attacking fellow Democrats and for attacking the press in its coverage of the local Democratic Party.

In a prior story that is on a podcast on YouTube by Anthony Lucero it was reported that the state DPNM party officials are “assisting the local party to straighten things out” and confirmed they are investigating SCC Member, CCC member and local candidate screening committee chair Mathew Crecelius for hostile conduct toward fellow party members via social media and in person.

As reported by Mr. Lucero; Mr. Crecelius has been suspended from engaging in any Democratic Party Political activities while an investigation into his alleged conduct, of bullying and harassment of party members. The investigation has been ongoing and the local Democratic Party is currently inactive for the municipal elections a direct consequence of Mr Crecelius actions. 

Per a leaked memo to Mr. Lucero, Crecelius is not to engage in any political activities hosted or sponsored by the Democratic Party and the party will be reviewing his social media posts past and ongoing during the investigation… Apparently, Mr. Crecelius flippant about the process, and at the state officials, as he now taunts them and the process on social media.

It’s ironic that a Democratic Party Leader of Otero County under investigation for allegedly creating hostile conditions toward others then is financially awarded by the Otero County Commission. What were they thinking? 

Way to go, Otero County Commissioners that $45,000 could have gone to constituent services, mental heath assistance for at risk populations or fixing a few county road potholes. But instead you awarded a bully further empowering his behavior and that if his minions. 

Crecelius will receive $45,000 from Otero County in “a settlement” or a “plea agreement” stemming from him being forcibly removed from commission meetings by former commissioner Couy Griffin.

Matthew Crecelius was one of several people who went to Otero County Commission meetings to protest the commission’s refusal to certify the 2020 election results.

Crecelius who was disruptive and intimidating according to several people at the meeting, was silenced and, on at least one occasion, removed from Otero County Commission meetings by the Otero County Sheriff’s deputies at then County Commissioner Griffin’s request.

Crecelius was physically removed from Otero County Commission meetings on May 12, 2022, June 17, 2022 and November 10, 2022.

The government may never suppress or retaliate against opinions it doesn’t like,” free attorney representing the ACLU, Alexandra Freedman Smith said in a press release. “In a democracy, people must have the ability to express conflicting and unpopular viewpoints without fear of retaliation. These elected officials violated a basic tenant of our democracy and showed a complete disregard for constitutional rights.”

In a democracy, people must have the ability to express conflicting and unpopular viewpoints without fear of retaliation.

Crecelius was awarded for the very behavior he exhibits except behind the veil of social media.

Crecelius whined that he was mocked, yelled at, silenced, and roughly thrown out of public hearings simply because he had a different opinion...odd since Crecelius is known for bullying, silencing, and forcibly removing people from meetings for holding differing opinions.  He has posted social media posts that border on libel and harassment against a local woman with cancer, a newspaper reporter, several female activists and a seated county commissioner. 

Hypocrisy - noun - the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform. 

Crecelius said in a press release that he hopes this settlement makes clear that all Otero County residents, regardless of their political background have the right to express their opinions freely without intimidation at county commission meetings.

Yes...but Crecelius I’m sure  you will continue to attack those with opinions differing from your own, thus what’s good for the golden goose should also apply to the gander.

Who wants to bet Mathew Crecelius and or the Democratic Party Chair of the suspended Otero County Party condemn this opinion piece, from a taxpayer, who is pis-ed off, by this payout! What a critical waste of taxpayer dollars for this settlement.

If Mr Crecelius was a man of character he would have been happy with the victory, as an admission of wrong doing and declined the $45,000 in taxpayer funds.

And yet…another needless payout by Otero County…

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