New Mexico Assembly Headed to Santa Fe, Gov Calls Special Session, Republican Response


( Mica Maynard) New Mexico Assembly Headed by to Santa Fe Gov. Lujan Grisham Calls Special Session July 18th, Republican Response

As a cub reporter for the and I had the joy of attending my first legislative session of the New Mexico round house in January of 2024. I've been on the road and in DC in followup to that experience but now word has gotten to me that I will be assigned yet again to "the roundhouse" in July given that Governor Lujan Grisham has called a Special Legislative Session for July 18th, 2024.

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham announced she will call the New Mexico Legislature into a special session on Thursday, July 18 to take up additional public safety protections that New Mexicans demand.

Gov. Lujan Grisham said she decided to convene a special session to allow lawmakers to finish what they started during the 30-day session. Based on discussions with legislative leadership, the governor anticipates that the special session will be completed within several days.

While we made some progress toward a safer New Mexico during the 30-day day session, we agree that we must do more,Gov. Lujan Grisham said. “The special session in July will enable us to deliver additional statutory changes that reduce the danger and risk New Mexico communities face every day. The best proposals for making our state safer will be under consideration, and I welcome input from my colleagues in the legislature.”

The July 2024 special session will be the fifth special session of the legislature during Gov. Lujan Grisham’s tenure as governor.

Gov. Grisham has recently expressed interest in responses to homeless encampments and addiction that would allow judges to order criminal defendants with acute mental health or substance abuse problems into treatment programs, or adapt civil proceedings to commit people to treatment where family members are unable to intervene.

She also has signaled support for legislative proposals running the gamut from new restrictions on panhandling along busy thoroughfares to increased criminal penalties for felons in possession of a firearm.

Steve Pearce, the chairman of the Republican Party of New Mexico, issued the following statement on the special session:

“When New Mexicans hear that Gov. Lujan Grisham is calling a special session to address public safety, a chill runs down their spines because her past actions prove that she is not interested in taking measures against criminals, but rather against law-abiding citizens.

The Democrats are totally to blame for New Mexico’s out-of-control crime. They need to explain why public safety wasn’t their priority during the previous legislative session despite holding a majority in both chambers of the state legislature.

During the last session, Republicans proposed several bills aimed at increasing penalties for multiple crimes, ending catch and release, and securing the border. Democrats killed every single one.

Recently, the Governor expressed her intention not to take additional measures to secure New Mexico’s Southern border, even if she were to call a special session. She cannot claim to care about public safety while ignoring the numerous problems stemming from our open border, including the rampant influx of fentanyl, alarming prevalence of human trafficking, and criminal cartel activity.

Despite this, the Governor is planning to spend hundreds of thousands of New Mexicans’ tax dollars to convene an additional session that could result in another waste of time or in law-abiding citizens’ rights being infringed upon.

For the sake of New Mexicans, I hope that the Governor will engage in meaningful conversations with Republicans and heed their advice on addressing the criminal issues plaguing our state to ensure that this special session will be productive.”

Mayor Tim Keller of Albuquerque posted a positive response on his Twitter X account...


Locally, Rep. Block has been mute on the subject, but his propaganda blog did run the governors press release. Block has been focused on campaigning in an effort to get his domestic partner elected to the local treasurers office against a 16 year experienced opponent. Senators Burt and Griggs nor Rep Jim Townsend, have not yet released a statement as a reaction.

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