Happy 88th Birthday Coach Robert (Bob) Sepulveda


Anyone that attended High School in Alamogordo between the years on 1964 and 1996 knows of the history, passion and commitment of Coach Robert (Bob) Sepulveda and his contributions and that of his wife Marilyn, to the academic and athletic excellence of the Alamogordo Public Schools during their tenure. 

Former Students have said of him…

“Coach Sepulveda is definitely on the top five of most admired men in my life.” -Scott Hutt Tiger Track 1972

“Everything I done in track and field as a coach; from organization to training of athletes, I learned from my years with Coach Bob Sepulveda.” -Dale Lindley, Coach and Educator. 

“I can think of no better word to describe Coach Sepulveda's character than Mana. In the New Zealand Maori culture one who has Mana carries with them a great deal of honor, presence, or prestige. This is Coach Sepulveda hugely respected and able to bring the best out of his athletes.” -Coach Lorne Singer (“Kiwi”), Tiger Track  Class of 1994

He’s certainly not alone, but his character, integrity and influence, on so many people, goes well beyond the geographic bounds of Alamogordo or New Mexico. His story is one of hope and inspiration as is the story of his many athletes. “Coach Bob Sepulveda was just a good, hard-working coach and a good responsible person who cared about the kids in his charge. That for anyone who’s paying attention, is all the message that’s necessary”, per a Commentary by Rich Wright Assistant Sports Editor, The Albuquerque Journal.

During his tenure as a coach he faced a variety of tough issues; the launch of national high school interscholastic sports standards, integration and the civil rights fights of the 60s, ending paddling of kids for speaking Spanish in the schools, feminism of the 70’s, Title IX implementation and girls interscholastic championships, the politics around high school sports, academics and more.

Coach Sepulveda was one of those rare individuals that for over 4 decades bridged economics, race, feminism, political unrest and UNITED the business community, educational community, political leaders and parents around one goal - student success. (We could use a leader within APS that could do that today!)

Coach Bob Sepulveda, New Mexico Coach of the Year for boy's track; 1982, 1991 and 1996. Received the NHSACA Region 8 Coach of the Year in 1982, 1991 and 1996, Section 6 Coach of the Year in 1991 and 1996. Along with his wife Marilyn, both, received the New Mexico High School Coaches Association Level IV Coaching Milestone ring in 1989. He and his wife Marilyn were inducted into the Alamogordo Tiger Hall of Fame in 1988.

Coach Sepulveda as head coach won 19 District Championships, 5 State Championships, 1 second place finish and 5 third place finishes. His teams won 170 Invitational Track meets. He has had 102 athletes win a first place medal at the State Track Meet. Multiple athletes went on to college with academic and athletic scholarships under his leadership.

In more recent times, people know of Coach Sepulveda because the Tiger Football Field Track bears his name.

A book series has been written on his life and the Tiger Sports program in his honor and is available on Amazon


As you drive down Scenic Drive this morning or 5 mornings a week, you’ll still see Bob running. At age 88, he can still clock a 12 minute mile

More recently last summer he brought home the medals,  yet again to Alamogordo, but in the Senior Olympics where he competed in the over 80 age group, as one of over 600, total participants. He medaled as follows..

  • First Place Medal in the 1500 Meter Race
  • First Place Medal in the 800 Meter Race
  • First Place Medal in the 200 Meter Race
  • Second Place Medal in the 100 Meted Race
  • Third Place Medal in the 50 Meter Race

Coach Bob is training with his son Rene for the Senior Olympics this summer with his eye on nationals with his son Rene. 

And, if that is not enough he soon, with son Rene, will relaunch an old fashioned “Sepulveda Weight Lifting Class” at ReneFit Fitness with his son Rene to debut this summer at the New York Avenue, ReneFit Studio. 

Age is “just a number” per Bob Sepulveda and at age 88 he does not appear to be slowing down. 
This week, as you see Bob around town, wish him a huge, happy 88th birthday! 

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