Truth Does Not Mind Being Questioned - Alamogordo A Media Desert


In politics there is truth and there are lies as is in real life. On the national political stage “the big lie” refers to the former president’s conspiracy theory that the election was stolen from him by mysterious voting fraud that has never been proven. 

Locally, it’s obvious that the mayor, the new board members of the Alamogordo Public Schools and those seeking contracts with APS don’t like being questioned. 

Truth - does not mind being questioned! 
A Lie - does not like being challenged! 

Truth accepts questions, doesn’t get defensive and responds with facts and a mature approach to a positive response. 

A lie circles the wagons, cheers on attacks of those questioning and spins and spews anger. A lie spins itself into oblivion and can’t defend itself but aggressively attacks the questions asked. How dare one question one’s abilities! How dare one not address one by the “title of,”  how dare one question us, our abilities, our actions! 

Oh what a tangled web we weave….

If there is one thing that becomes ever more apparent, the older we get, it is the truth and those with something to hide spew anger and hate.

We are living in troubled times. The truth is being massively distorted on a scale heretofore unknown. 

The citizens of Alamogordo are susceptible  to the media desert of which we live.

Without media, political leaders run amuck and when questioned are troubled. 

The reason APS is in chaos is because Alamogordo citizens have not been informed due to the media desert we live in.

The reason crime is up and the public is not all over the mayor to resolve the 70% spike in crime in 2023, in Alamogordo, under her leadership and administration, is because we live in a media desert and the public is ill informed. 

The leaders of APS now in place, the mayor and a subgroup within the center of Commerce and the Flickinger Center are pushing their own selfish agendas especially around public education.  They seek to dismantle the present public education system

They are leveraging every aspect of the persuasive nature of the absence of media and sunlight to propagate those lies to push their agenda, into the minds of more simple people, who are less likely to take the time to research the matters at hand, and discern the truth from fiction.

Those forces want to attack my staff, my company and attempt to discredit the only media operation in Southern New Mexico that is owned by a Hispanic family.

So be it!

We live in a media desert and though I’m quietly on the sidelines most of the time,  and allow my staff to draft the stories and to lead the commentary and debate; rest assured the commitment by my colleagues and myself to grow and expand our media coverage to shine the light seeking the truth as truth and running the stories controversial or not.

A lie does not like being challenged and this year my staff and myself more than ever will challenge the power structure that is afraid of the light. We are more committed with each commentary drafted, each story published, each interview shared to highlight those individuals that are making a positive impact and to question those who are afraid of being challenged. Our job is to tell the story and to ask the questions on behalf of those who can’t or are afraid to. 

We are here and will continue to engage, inspire and support the questions the community wants answered. 

- Rene Sepulveda Publisher and Chairman of the Board, 2nd Life Media, ReneFit USA

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