My Solstice Wishes for my City and my Social Media friends by Kathy Ramsey


This is the time of year when I try to step back with some grace to acknowledge what I have learned and what I hope for the next while. I have depended on all of you in ways you can’t possibly know these past months of illness and I am grateful! I am getting better!

I know the Arts can bridge differences and be a healing force for individuals, groups and communities and it is happening in Alamogordo. I also believe artistry exists in everyone in the very nature of our uniqueness and creativity. It is displayed in loving, belonging, believing, parenting, living and dying.

The very act of creative effort by any artist, writer, performer begins with vulnerability - the willingness to try to overcome obstacles or fear for a new possibility and to take the chance. It embraces the risk of doing your best, doing it with a unique view and often thinking outside the box . When there is an openness in exploring varied perspectives, views, compositions, design elements, interpretations … creations emerge.

It is the same for entrepreneurs,organizations with missions, and governance.

Leaders downtown are demonstrating hope and confidence and the skills necessary to succeed in building bridges and forming new collaborations. This will result in a renewed economy and enhancement of the arts.

As a fairly new community member I am excited because these efforts are constructive. When you create a hopeful vision that is positive and respectfully invites contribution you have the foundation for building something unique and valuable that will benefit everyone.

It all begins with vulnerability and the willingness to try…

Celebrate your creativity! Go team go!

I truly believe 2023 will offer our city and all of us many healing opportunities and renewed constructive efforts to make us more friendly, more accepting of differences, and more trusting. It can only happen if we make the choice as individuals, families, organizations and citizens. It will take practice, unlearning knee jerk reactions and same ol ‘ assumptions. How we feel about ourselves is what we reflect to newcomers. Here’s to the soul searching, reflection and ‘resting’ of solstice time and ‘wintering’ hibernation. Have a wondrous season however you observe it!

I am going  in search of caroling opportunities …connection to my upbringing! Can’t carry a tune but don’t mind embarrassing myself. Silent Night is my favorite.

Publishers note: Kathy Ramsey is a local to Alamogordo who has been an active advocate for the creative arts community, past board member of Otero Arts and a lover of nature and especially her horse, Pearl. She is a published writer for New Mexico Influence Magazine. To learn more about Kathy visit

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