Toxic people show their true colors

One knows when one is hitting home and speaking the truth when a character assassination takes place and toxic people take toxic actions.

An individual tied to a candidate and possibly the candidate in this community decided to mail a copy of the criminal indictment that was filed against me a decade ago, and committed mail fraud, as it shows a return address of my business. The mailing went to several people in the community.

It’s obvious,this individual had every intention on attempting to destroy our business, and the momentum of success we have going forward.

As I’ve told my story, multiple times, the initial indictment made me look like a total pri— with charges of embezzlement and tax fraud.

The ultimate plea bargain agreement between the US attorney, the IRS and my counsel was one count of mail fraud one count of tax evasion.

I served my time, completed probation and have been a productive citizen, political activist and business owner.

As I’ve stated publicly, many times, and have told my story, yes I served in a Federal Camp similar to Martha Stewart.

Yes, the lesson was the judicial system favors those that are wealthy and can afford counsel. Yes it favors people that are educated and white. Yes Justice should be blind and equal after my experience, it opened my eyes to racial and economic bias within the system. Thus I understand changes need to happen. Yes I made a mistake, regret it but can’t change it, and yes I endorse rehabilitative Justice. Role models are there, and I’ve committed my life to show, one can make a mistake or a series of mistakes and live and move forward as a positive and productive member of society. And yes each individual can and should participate in the economic and political process as we each have a responsibility to participate in our community in a positive manner.

I made a mistake, and served my time and am a productive business owner and taxpayer contributing the to the diversity and fabric of my community.

One would think the person attempting the character assassination, that committed mail fraud, would be happy when one bounces back as productive. Instead, they stooped, to an act of criminal activity. 

One can think one is sly but with modern forensics science, fingerprint analysis, DNA and loose lips truth comes out and Federal prosecution may follow. We will continue our path forward in business and we will continue our exposé with AlamogordoTownNews.com and dig into candidates and the machines backing them.

When one has lost everything once, and bounced forward, the fear one had of public humiliation is gone. I live a life without fear of what people think of me. Everyone has an opinion, a judgement, a bias, that is theirs to live with. My life is to follow my path to the promise land, no one ever said it would be easy, free of bumps, curves, roadblocks. No one promised me a life of ease without critics.

I accept the critics, for they fear what they don’t know, they are intimidated by those that actually do positive things, their insecurities are outed by their own inadequacy, their lack of tolerance and understanding is their own greatest weakness. Their fear is laughter, joy, diversity, tolerance.

I’m not angered by an attack, I pity the insecurity of the attacker. When your sense of pleasure and satisfaction are derived from the opinions of other people, you are no longer the master of your own happiness. I am the master of my happiness

When emotionally intelligent people feel good about something that they’ve done, they won’t let anyone’s opinions or snide remarks nor negative actions take that away from them nor will I.

Toxic people pollute everything around them. The toxic person or people attempting to pollute  my life, take note I don’t hesitate, I fumigate. 

Chris Edwards 

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