Artist Spotlight: Leather Crafter Tammy Reed


Leather Crafted Bracelets by Tammy Reed at Roadrunner Emporium, Alamogordo, New Mexico ( - Are you a native to New Mexico and what is your experience in the arts?

Tammy Reed Response: "I was born and raised in New Mexico and have a long family history of pioneers who settled in the Sacramento Mountains. I’ve dabbled in multiple art mediums since I was little and always had support and encouragement from family and friends. I recently retired from being a teacher after more than 23 years in the Alamogordo School District. Upon retirement, I bought some leather crafting materials from an estate sale and tried my hand at jewelry making." - We recently saw several examples of your earrings and bracelets is that your specialty? 

 Tammy Reed Response: "I began making bracelets and earrings. Over time, I collected more and more pieces of scrap leather and tools. In working with leather and learning new techniques, I enjoy recycling old leather belts and purses and turning them into the earrings and bracelets, which comprise a majority of my pieces on display." - Tell us about the process on how you create these fine fashionable works of art?

Tammy Reed Response: "Some of the jewelry is fashioned from new leather and some might be made from pieces of scrap upholstery leather. Once in a while I’ll scavenge beads and wire or interesting finds and use them in my jewelry, or I might make my own copper accents. When I see it and am inspired by it, I create from it." - Are you content in your artistic endeavor or where do you go from here?

Tammy Reed Response: "Eventually, I’d love to learn the classic tooling techniques and make my own purses and bags. In addition to leather crafting, I paint with acrylic and make paper collages on old windows. They make great gifts as well and are fun to create." - Where can someone find your creations? 

Tammy Reed Response: "I am one of the artisans showcased at the Roadrunner Emporium Fine Arts Gallery at 928 New York Avenue, Alamogordo, New Mexico. I brought in a few pieces in December and my understanding is they are beginning to sell. I'm happy to share the inspiration of my craft with individuals that like leather fashioned jewelry. My pieces are rustic natural designs with hints of coloring that make them neutral and wearable in a high fashion environment or with a nice pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. I'm thrilled to be able to craft these forms of expression and happy they are showcased as "Exclusively New Mexico." I think my pioneering ancestors would approve."

The fashionistas of certainly approve. We sent a few photos to our fashionable friends in California and Santa Fe for their critic and their response was they believe "these unique creations would make the perfect fashionable accent for most any style from southwestern to business casual." We believe Ms. Reed represents the artisan community of Alamogordo, well. 

Drop on by Roadrunner Emporium, 928 New York Avenue, daily from 10 to 8 to see these unique works of art by Tammy Reed and the over 72 permanent artisans and 21 rotating artisans that belong to the artist collaborative on Alamogordo's historic Main Street - New York Avenue.

A selection of handcrafted earrings made of repurposed leathers by Tammy Reed at Roadrunner Emporium Fine Arts Gallery, New York Avenue, Alamogordo (
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