Politicians 1, Alamogordo Citizens 0 - Complacency Wins!


Tears run down the face of Uncle Sam Disappointed in Alamogordo's Citizen Complacency (AlamogordoTownNews.Com)

Politicians 1 Citizens 0

Complacency wins!!!!! The headline of the week is complacency wins because the Alamogordo citizens are not actively participating in the democratic process in participating in the local elections and holding elected representatives accountable to support the citizen’s needs.

The media portrays the Alamogordo community as a community that embraces God, stands with the flag and values a democracy above all else. What is evident, by the municipal electoral process is that is all talk.

Yes, there is over 70 churches in Alamogordo but do citizens practice the word daily in supporting one another and building a better tomorrow?

Yes the flag flies highly and proudly and is seen on horseback, in parades and on the back of pickup trucks but a pledge to the flag is a pledge to participate as a citizen in the democratic process, attend local political meetings, not just when its convenient, be engaged and hold politicians accountable to support the community in honor of that flag. When is the last time you voted? When is the last time you wrote a city commissioner the mayor or other local official of a concern you may have? When is the last time you attended a commission meeting of the city of Alamogordo or the County Commission meeting? Your busy? Too busy to support democracy and the flag? That soldier defending your freedom is busy as well putting his or her life on the line daily to provide you the opportunity to participate in our democratic process but hey, priorities. Their sacrifice? We will say thank you for your service, but we are too busy to honor their service in participating in the democratic process of local government.

Early Voting Starts October 5th…

Yet there has not been one public debate or forum for mayor, there has not been a single article published by the mayoral candidates outlining their platform or beliefs. There is NO website with a commitment to the public. There is no dialog with voters except for the meet and greet scheduled that Susan Payne and others have agreed to participate in. One is Oct 4th at 902 New York Avenue. 

AlamogordoTownNews.com has repeatedly sent requests to the two candidates to provide a biography and their platform but to no avail. Either they don’t want to provide the information or they are ‘too busy” to be responsive to their constituents and the business interests of Alamogordo.

(Note Susan Payne has since responded and is working on answers to the questions as soon as she completes the Alamogordo News questions. In her defense she has been in quarantine due to Covid-19 exposure.

Nadia Sikes has also responded and will answer questions soon) 

A series of questions were sent to the candidates and not an acknowledgement of receipt no rather they will answer.

An invitation was extended to host a meet and greet and a forum on New York Avenue in Alamogordo not a single response.

And is this typical yes!!!! The candidates are depending upon an uninformed and lazy electorate so that they don’t make promises and so that they can’t be held accountable. Complacency wins!!!!

Couy Griffins recall proved complacency is alive and well in Otero County. The polling showed 68% of the population supported a recall yet complacency won. Couy did not win the election, the committee did not loose the recall, complacency won the recall.

Complacency is the biggest threat to safe, fair, elections of qualified leaders. How does incompetence rise to the top? When there is NO competition.

The high school student council elections have more participation, and the participants are held to a higher standard than the community is holding the candidates for mayor thus far.

Alamogordo, is better than this!

Come on Alamogordo, this community is better than this. What one sees is investment coming in from outside of the community, and outsiders taking more pride and taking a more forward-thinking approach than those long-term residents within.

Are local citizens so numb that they have just given up? Do you even care about the faltering schools, community blight, lack of new business growth of good paying jobs?

In the next decade, will it be those who are relocating to Alamogordo that shape its future because you have given up?

The trend line is showing that to be the case.

Change is before you…

Change is before you, house sales prove a large new influx of those from outside Alamogordo, that may not share your values of respect for the story of Alamogordo, its past and its history and the direction of leadership. Complacency today will open the door for decisions to be made by others.

The candidates for mayor, were they born and raised in Alamogordo? Do they respect the traditions of the city? Do they remember when the school system ranked in the top 10 in the country, when Alamogordo was a powerhouse in high school sports and academics? Do the candidates have the respect for what Alamogordo once was as a foundation to what it could again be?

Complacency again?

This election will be decided by complacency. The next election will be decided by the influx of newcomers to Alamogordo that are aligning with each other, that are watching, monitoring, and will be holding those in power accountable. The next election will have far different results then the one before you at present. Complacency will score a 2nd victory this November, but its time is also ending.

Are you ready?

The November election headline will read, Politicians 2, Citizens 0 unless you get involved and force debate, dialog and meet ups today!

God, Flag, Country - Do your duty, participate!

Story Updated after a conversation with Susan Payne on 9/29/21 at 1250 pm. She has now been responsive.

Update 9/29/21 2:04 pm

Nadia Sikes has now responded one of our emails may have gotten stuck in spam and the second the email used was mistyped. 

Both candidates have agreed to respond to the questions and are reviewing with their teams rather to attend a meet and greet at 928 New York Avenue in October.

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