Final Days to the finish line for Couy Griffin recall


Time is just about out, with Wednesday 5 pm as the deadline for a recall effort aiming to kick Cowboys for Trump founder Couy Griffin out of office as a county commissioner of Otero County. 

The bi-partisan leadership of the petition drive in Otero County via their spokesman Scott Fredrick said they still need to collect several hundred additional signatures by next Wednesday to trigger a recall election against Griffin.

The petition accuses him of failing to attend commission meetings, using his elected position for personal gain in promoting a support group for former President Donald Trump and violating state restrictions on gifts to public officials.

Separately, a judge ruled earlier this week that a hearing for the case that Griffin is facing of misdemeanor criminal charges in the Jan. 6. insurrection on the U.S. Capitol, where he appeared on an outdoor terrace and tried to lead the crowd in prayer will be held in March of 2022. Griffin was frustrated by that ruling saying it is not fair rather then accept responsibility via a plea bargain that was offered last month.

The AP and the Santa Fe News Times reported:

“Scott Fredrick, a member of a political committee to recall Griffin, said Thursday that the effort was still about 400 registered voters shy of the 1,574 signatures needed to force an election after extensive canvassing. Otero County Clerk Robyn Holmes said the petition is due by 5 p.m. Wednesday.

Fredrick acknowledged that it will be “a stretch" to collect the required signatures but vowed not to give up before the deadline.

“We put on a full-court press, and unfortunately, we're still 400 signatures short,” he said.

In our prior story we claimed “it’s not over till the fat lady sings” it does appear Couy is humming zippidy-do-da all the way to Montana for a fundraiser and will return further enriched by his out of state supporters to continue on as if no recall effort ever occurred.

 Per the recall committees final efforts via their last press release…

Signature gathering continues…

Saturday, 25 Sep 11 am – 4 pm, Corner of Fairgrounds Rd and White Sands Blvd
Sunday, 26 Sep 11 am – 5 pm, Presidio Plaza (La Luz) 

Below are the five legal reasons that the recall was allowed to proceed to collecting signatures. It was not because of his rhetoric, it was not because of his activities on 6 January, and it was not because he is a supporter of the former president. It is because he was hired to do a job for Otero county and has spent a majority of his term on the road for his for-profit PAC instead of dealing with local issues.

Factual allegations for this recall include the following: 1. Fails to properly attend meetings (malfeasance, misfeasance, & violation of oath of office) 2. Conduct resulting in Banishment from the Mescalero Apache Sovereign Nation Lands (misfeasance, & violation of oath of office) 3. Use of County resources for Cowboys for Trump business (Malfeasance) 4. Filing improper travel voucher, failing to exercise proper fiduciary responsibility (Misfeasance) 5. Violation of the Gift Act by soliciting & accepting $3,500.00 from a restricted donor (Malfeasance) 

If you are happy with Mr. Griffin’s performance as a commissioner or see no issues with local politics then no action is required. Also, if you are more worried about who will replace him than holding him accountable for his actions, then no action is required.

On the other hand, if you believe Mr. Griffin’s actions (or lack thereof) as a commissioner do not represent your values as a member of his district then we encourage you to sign the petition to force a recall election. His current term will continue until the next election in November 2022 unless a successful recall election is held. Whatever your preference, remember to vote next November.”

We will reach out to the committee and to Mr Griffin for comment and an update after 5 pm Wednesday.

Now as citizens time to focus on the municipal elections. Don’t let complacency kick into that election. Focus and let’s elect leadership for Alamogordo focused on jobs growth and a path forward. 

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