A nationwide call for a policy Change Walmart non-sellable plants


Did you know locally and across the nation Walmart is one of the largest sellers of fruit and vegetable live plants for the garden?

Did you know if the plants appear ill or are damaged in someway but still salvageable rather than salvage them, reduce the price or donate them they throw them away.

Community gardens, homeless shelters and the poor across the US could use these salvageable plants and help expand their food for the poor programs.

A petition has begun circulating calling on Walmart’s to change their policies and when possible donate those weaker plants to local homeless shelters, community gardens and the poor. 

Hunger in America is a growing issue. Quality fruits and vegetables are lacking in the diets of 24% or youth in the US. The poor in rural areas and urban cores have fruit and vegetable dry zones, meaning access is not readily available.

This is but one small solution that could help alleviate more needless waste to the landfills and could further assist the needy and at risk communities as another tool in the fight against hunger.

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