New Mexico Congressional District 2 Race Turns Negative


The campaign for New Mexico Congressional District 2 is fast becoming one of the most contentious races for seats in the US House of Representatives.  Political analysts from across the nation have suggested that this race will become more expensive than those in the past as leadership and PACs are poised to pour millions into the campaign.

Analysts also predicted the campaign would turn negative and already it has.  The Herrell campaign has commented on a series of documents concerning an alleged arrest and a bond payment concerning a traffic citation in El Paso Texas from 2007. The Vasquez campaign alludes that “political games are being played” and that an arrest “warrant that was issued for a outstanding balance in a traffic citation from 2007 was a mistake”’s Anthony Lucero was provided court documents for 2nd Life Media Alamogordo Town News that shows a Texas warrant for arrest. A release showing all fines due were paid and then a release from the warrant. 

Details were released in a story in a site called the Free Beacon, of which the Herrell Campaign linked a story that read, Vasquez, the documents show, failed to appear in court more than two decades ago, in 2002, after he was charged with driving without a license, driving without insurance, and disregarding an "official traffic control device." Police subsequently cited him for a failure to appear in court in September 2007 and issued a warrant for his arrest in April 2008.

An El Paso constable executed the warrant roughly two months ago, on March 19, according to court documents. Vasquez paid a nearly $900 cash bond, pleaded no contest, and waived his right to a jury trial.

He has a pre-trial hearing in September, court filings show, and will face a conviction and forfeiture of his bond if he does not appear, according to his no contest plea. A Vasquez spokesperson called the September hearing an "administrative mistake" and pledged to produce documentation at the first opportunity.

Vasquez’s plea document lists his employment as "United States Congress."

The Herrell campaign has concurrently released a very negative attack ad against Vasquez and suggests he wants to defund the police…

Meanwhile while calling Vasquez out as potentially wanting to defund the police, Yvette Herrell accepted an endorsement from convicted felon Donald Trump, calling his conviction, “election interference…”

According to KOAT News reports they claim that the such as listed above in conservative media outlets, the Republican Party of New Mexico is calling for Congressman Gabe Vasquez to step down.

The reports are claiming Vasquez was arrested and used a racial slur. However, a Target 7 investigation has determined that Vasquez was never jailed, and part of the claims stem from a traffic citation Vasquez received when he was 17.

Six years later, a warrant was issued for his arrest for failing to appear.

Court records show that someone appeared in March on Vasquez's behalf and paid $895. There are no records to indicate that Vasquez was actually jailed.

Vasquez's campaign has also said conservative groups have been making false claims against the congressmen ever since he ran against Republican Yvette Herrell two years ago.

Meanwhile to counter the negative attacks and influx of campaign cash to Herrell from outside interests the Democratic National Committee announced on Monday that it will spend $70,000 for organizing staff to aid U.S. Rep. Gabe Vasquez, the Democrat trying to hold onto his 2nd Congressional District seat, for the general election.

Former Rep. Yvette Herrell, a Republican, is running against Vasquez. The seat is considered a toss-up by election watchers. In the last few election cycles, it has been one of the most expensive races for a congressional seat. Herrell won in 2020, defeating former Rep. Xochitl Torres Small, a Democrat. Vasquez defeated Herrell in 2022.

The Democratic National Committee has spent $428,000 in New Mexico to elect or reelect down ticket Democrats in 2024, according to the news release.

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison said the spending shows “priority in action.”

The seat is considered a toss-up by election watchers and as such the election is expected to get even more dirty as accusations fly and more outside money flows into the race.

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