Aurora Texas and Alamogordo UFO Legends, Project Serpo and the Pentagon Response to UFO's in the United States


Burial Site of Alien in Aurora Texas according to legend from crash of 1897 UFO's project Serpo in Alamogordo and Government Response

A UFO is believed to have landed at Holloman Air Force Base in association with project Serpo more famous is the alleged UFO crash at Corona and the wreckage then to have taken place in Roswell but few know the story of an alleged UFO crash in 1897 before Roswell that occurred in North Texas in 1897. KRAZY KALH Radio's Anthony Lucero interviewed Reggie Byrd of Aurora Texas who tells the story of the alleged crash and of the grave yard where the alien may have been buried.


According to Mr. Byrd the legend is that 50 years before man achieved space flight in the rural farming lands of Aurora Texas a UPS is said to have crashed on April 17, 1897. This may very well be the first reported alien crash in the western United States as per the legend.

Reggie Byrd who tells the story is retired but works with the planning and zoning committee of Aurora, Texas, and also helps to maintain the cemetery that hosts a tombstone under a tree at the cemetery where the alien is alleged to have been buried.

Tombstone under a tree at the cemetery where the alien is alleged to have been buried (Aurora Texas,

Mr. Byrd says that in 1897 It is believed that a alien craft crashed in your town that's 50 years before Roswell. He continued "they say never let the truth get in the way of a good tall story, (so he can't prove the validity of the story) but that "early in the morning people saw this orb floated across the sky and it crashed into Judge Proctor's windmill knocking the windmill over and destroying the spaceship." He said the legend handed down from locals says that, "a little spaceman fell out on the ground and there was a signal man from the Army Corps that came to investigate and he proclaimed that the craft has to be from Mars because they had never seen anything like it before.

The story just spread mainly through railroad communications and via the railroad telegraph at the time. According to Mr. Byrd, "the story spread so much around the state out here at the time, you know supposedly the town folks, felt sorry for the little alien fellow, so they carried him out the cemetery and buried him there, and then threw some of the pieces of the spaceship down Judge Parker's well and then carried the rest of it away for souvenirs.

About the well, it is understand according to legend, that the well is toxic. The judges family that lived there had issues as a result of the toxic well water from the alien ship parts thrown into in and the Judge developed severe arthritis of his hands and he always blamed it on that well being contaminated by the alien craft parts and so he actually capped the well to seal it and to stop the alien contamination. He drilled a fresh well beside it and people that drank out of the fresh wellthey never had any elements of any type and no more health issues.

Per Mr. Byrd, the Discovery Channel came out 15 years ago, they come out and uncapped that well and sent a scope down into the bottom of it to get samples and sealed it back up again. If there was anything amazing about he samples they didn't tell anybody about what they found.

It is alleged that the alien from the spacecraft was buried at the cemetery near a tree but there is no real tombstone but only the large rock marking the location.

According to Byrd, "I was at the cemetery working today so that's why contacted you, the thing about there, is there is a rock that supposedly marks the grave but the thing about it is the original grave was on the south side the cemetery and then that headstone disappeared and then somebody put another headstone further up towards the tree at cemetery around 1973 because there was an article in the newspaper where Fort Worth had sent a reporter out and he came out with Geer county, to try to see if it was still radioactive but hat wasn't the original burial site. And, then not long after that it moved again, so the alien not only traveled space but apparently he travels a cemetery!"

Byrd claims that rock moves all over the place out there. Byrd claims he is not personally aware of anything beyond earth being in the cemetery or where the alien is alleged to be located now.

Mr. Byrd is not convinced of the truth of the legend gut he says "to never let the truth get in the way of a good story that has hung around for over 125 years."

There are several legends related to aliens in and around Texas and Southern New Mexico inclusive of Alamogordo and Roswell in addition to the Aurora Texas incident above.

It is claimed by some that the movie, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" was loosely based on an incident that was planned for April 24, 1964. According to local sources and a release, that was a date which was for a planned meeting and pickup of humans by an alien encounter that had been arranged near Holloman Air Force Base and White Sands Missile Base near Alamogordo. That project call project Serpo is difficult to find information on. Government officials blow it off as legends but there are documents that claim Alamogordo was a site for a planned alien encounter.

"Selecting a landing location proved to be even complex. The military planners wanted to make absolutely certain that security would not be compromised, and that the press or the public would not even get a hint of what was going on. At first they considered remote islands, but then realized that unusual movements of naval vessels could arouse suspicion. They decided that the site had to be controlled by the military to ensure complete secrecy. Finally, they settled on the southern end of the White Sands Missile Range, near Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico. Holloman was previously known as Alamogordo Army Air Field, a training site for Eighth Air Force bombardment crews during World War II. They also selected a fake location on the base itself to misdirect interest. These decisions were made, and confirmed by the Ebens, in March 1962. It had taken ten years from the time of the death of Ebe1 to arrive at this historic agreement."

Truth, fiction or legends? The US Military recently claimed that there is no evidence of the United States holding any aliens on any base yet there are numerous unexplained incidents. The most recent government investigation released to the public raised more questions of possible coverup and rather real access was granted to the investigative team.

Skepticism of any report grew as the Pentagon reshuffled the program of investigation, the Department of Defense reshuffled leadership at All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office, the agency within the Pentagon that’s responsible for investigating reports of unidentified aerial phenomena or, as they’re better known by, unidentified flying objects.

Deputy Secretary Of Defense Kathleen Hicks took over with oversight of AARO while the program’s current director, Sean Kirkpatrick, will report directly to her per reporting in News Nation from 2023.

A Pentagon study released March of 2024 that examined reported sightings of UFOs over nearly the last century found no evidence of aliens or extraterrestrial intelligence, a conclusion consistent with past U.S. government efforts to assess the accuracy of claims that have captivated public attention for decades but skeptics remain.

The recent Pentagon release can be found at

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