Steve Brockett, Candidate (D), NM State Representative, HD51 Suspends Campaign


In an announcement via a social media post of the candidate page of Steve Brockett, Candidate (D), NM State Representative, HD51 at 12:05 am April 1st, 2024 the campaign announced the suspension of his campaign for in the Democratic Primary.

Brockett’s campaign team forwarded us the following statement consist with the post from the candidate:

After several weeks I have ultimately decided to suspend my campaign to run for State Representative for NM House District 51. I am focused on my family needs related to my spouse Sueko’s passing after a long battle with cancer Fall 2023, as well as my own recent serious health diagnoses. I appreciate everyone’s support and I wish my Democratic opponent, Ashlie Myers, the best of luck in her effort to unseat MAGA extremist, John Block.” - Steve Brockett and reached out to Mr. Brockett’s Democratic primary opponent, Ashlie Myers. She issued the following statement:

“ Steve Brockett is long-time friend and pillar of our community. Having had my own battles with cancer, I truly understand the importance of focusing on one’s family. The need to heal from such a loss as well as taking care of one’s own health is of utmost importance. I wish him well and hope to see him continue in our pursuit to unify and better our community. The Democratic Party needs more people who are willing to step up and do the good work he has done.” - Ashlie Myers

Ms. Myers can also be heard on KRAZY or via our YouTube podcast for her reaction…

Ashlie Myers Comments On Steve Brocket Suspending His Campaign

Our news agency has reached out to Mr Block as well as Mr Melton his campaign fundraising director for comment via IM. As of publication time we have not received comment. We will update is a statement is received. 

The staff and leadership of and share Ms. Meyer’s sentiments. On a personal note over  the last year I lost my mom and my father is battling pancreatic Cancer. We understand the pain and grief that a family endures when a family member has been at battle. Our thoughts go out to Mr. Brockett for solace and comfort. Thank you for your years of service to the community. 

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