KALHRadio.org Interview With Couy Griffn and Possible Consideration as Trumps Vice President


AlamogordoTownNews.com KALHRadio.org Interview with Cowboys for Trump Founder Couy Griffin and Potential Consideration as a Vice Presidential Nominee for Donald J Trump.

KRAZY KALHRadio.org personality Anthony Lucero on behalf of AlamogordoTownNews.com radio edition interviewed Cowboys for Trump founder Couy Griffin on 3-24-24. Lucero asked for an update on the Supreme Court ruling affirming Griffin barred from running for state office in New Mexico, and rather Griffin is on the short list for consideration by Donald J Trump to be his Vice Presidential running mate.

The interview can be hear on KALHRadio.org or listen at your leisure on the podcast at 

The U.S. Supreme Court turned down a request to hear an appeal from a former New Mexico county commissioner who was removed from office after taking part in the Jan. 6 riots at the Capitol.

Couy Griffin, formerly a commissioner in New Mexico’s Otero County and the founder of “Cowboys for Trump,” was convicted in 2022 of trespassing at the Capitol. That same year, Mr. Griffin became the first public official in more than a century to be disqualified because of a constitutional ban on insurrectionists holding office contained in a provision of the 14th Amendment.

As is its custom, the court gave no reasons for turning away the appeal. The order means that Mr. Griffin will remain barred from running or holding public office in New Mexico.

The Supreme Court declined to hear Mr. Griffin’s appeal two weeks after it said Colorado could not use that same provision to stop former President Donald J. Trump from appearing on the state’s presidential primary ballot. The Colorado Supreme Court — taking on a case that was brought by six Colorado voters — had ruled in December that Mr. Trump had engaged in insurrection and was barred from holding public office. The Supreme Court Docket history and the petition denial details can be found at https://www.supremecourt.gov/search.aspx?filename=/docket/docketfiles/html/public/23-279.html

Below is the transcript from the Couy Griffin interview with Anthony Lucero on 3-24-24 via the transcript including thoughts on Governor Michelle Luján Grisham, his political theology and rather he is in consideration for the position of Donald J Trumps Vice Presidential nominee?

KALH Radio Anthony Lucero: Tell us about the interview on KRWG and how it was interpreted?

Couy Griffin Response: I listened to the to the audio as well Anthony, of the excerpted interview on KRWG and you know my first thought was it's too bad that these young ladies aren't just more concerned about what actually happened in the courts.  I mean if they would think outside of their political agenda, they would see the fact that I was tried for a criminal matter inside of a civil courtroom and Insurrection is a very egregious criminal matter and if I was guilty of insurrection I should have been charged.  Its a fact that in my criminal case in Washington DC, where I was acquitted of disorderly conduct, you know I was convicted of trespass which is right now, any day I'm going to hear back on my appeal.   I'm really hoping and praying that I can get that trespass conviction overturned. But you know instead they just reaffirm what happened to me by pointing out how I appeal to the New Mexico Supreme Court and it's rejected by the US Supreme Court.  Now I'm barred from office but it's a shame that they don't just go back to the very start of it and say it never should have happened . The trial never should have happened but due to the enormous amount of corruption.  Only in good old New Mexico could something so stupid have taken place. So that's where I sit and that's where I rest.  

You know I mean am I offended whenever she says that I could still be a voice for conservatives. No I'll take that as an honor and I hope that I am, because I think that I speak for many and whenever she's talking about the conservative agenda.  I think all she's talking about is just because I am really pushing in on Election integrity and making sure our elections aren't hijacked.

I'll always be a voice for that until we have the right security stuff n place.

I guess like Trump says there's any publicity is good publicity and if they're still talking about me that means that I must still be relevant to them."

KALH Radio Anthony Lucero: It sounds that way, now one thing I do want to point out and you may or may not agree here, but your platform, although, yes you do lean right, but your platform is more of a us against them, whats your thoughts?

Couy Griffin Response: "You know I pray that my platform is liberty and freedom. You know what every American should be starving for nowadays? After going through the court stuff and the mandates and the unconstitutional orders from our New Mexico Governor, I mean you know my platform is, just trying to fight for freedom and liberty. That's what I live for. If that if that's considered right, or on the right side, then so be it."

KALH Radio Anthony Lucero: I would call you more of a populist, because you are a us against them and there's nothing wrong with that, that's a good point of view. Care to elaborate more?

Couy Griffin Response: "I mean I am for the multitudes, because we know it's a top 1% right now that it's the Deep State and the top 1% or whatever you want to call them driving us down. I think it's the devil at the end of the day, you know but that it will lead me into a spiritual conversation, because I really do feel like it's good against evil."

KALH Radio Anthony Lucero: By now have you spoken with your attorney, with regards to the Supreme Court  decision?

Couy Griffin Response: "I have, and I didn't hear a lot of Hope from him, but then I was contacted later by my January 6 attorney, and he was contacted before by some very big legal minds and legal professors that say that there's another avenue to get before The Supreme Court  again, with this action so it's not dead yet.  You know it might have just been looked over and rejected this last time around, but that doesn't mean that we're not going to be able to get it before then again  framed differently. I think that that's the only solution Anthony, because if this deal rest and what they did to me sets legal precedent that means you can take, a radical Democrat judge on a bench trial and file a lawsuit against somebody, and just make sure you get them before the right judge, in the right county, which they did with me in Santa Fe and you can then remove any elected officials from office. This allowed the radical Democrat Governor of New Mexico to hand select my replacement, who she thinks should represent the people of Otero County. She picked a Democrat who's run for office eight times here and lost, every time she's ran. That's who the governor put in my seat. So she rubbed a lot of salt in wounds out here. I know that Justice is coming! I feel like it anyways. I think you know there's so much corruption right now and the courts are so weaponized that when November rolls around, we're going to have a big win. That win is the verdict of the people's court and going to come in November. I believe that as long as they don't steal the election again, which is a big concern."

KALH Radio Anthony Lucero: One last question, Couy, there are rumblings, I've got a few  messages here, and we also got them on our online news site AlamagordoTownNews.com where people are suggesting that you have suggested ou are going to be a possible vice president?  I've never heard you say that, but that's going around, so let me give you an opportunity to address it, if are you considered to be on the short list to become the Trump nominee for Vice President?

Couy Griffin Response: "You know what, um, it should be every politician's dream to be considered in an executive office. You know, I mean if I am, you know that's still, a mystery. I believe that it it could be a possibility. Let's not forget, I did sit down in at the Resolute desk with him (Donald Trump) in the Oval Office. I mean if. f I garnished enough of the president's respect to be invited into the Oval Office, to sit down with him, at his desk, who's to say I wouldn't or couldn't be on a short list  for Vice President. 

You know, I mean I've been down on the people's level for a long time. You know, I mean, I know what it's like to try to run a restaurant and survive. I know what it's like to try to get through this world right now. And I have a a political track record. I mean, it's not like I've never served an office . I mean, you can look at my record at Otero County, (New Mexico).  I think it's A+, it should be for a conservative political record. So, you know what, only God knows.  I mean what possibilities could be in the future. If I do remain in politics as I've stated before, I do want to go to to the federal level. The only reason why is just to try to bring relief and representation back to local leaders, local leadership and to revive our Republic and make America great again. I'm on that ticket!"

To hear the complete interview and Couy Griffins own words of potential consideration as Donald Trumps Vice President. Listen at: https://youtu.be/JRG4VYXok8A?si=9alw6X4-kTgiljHZ

AlamogordoTownNews.com reached out to the campaign of Donald J Trump and submitted the audio interview to the presidents team and on Twitter for a response. As of going to print the Trump campaign has not responded and if they do we will follow-up. 

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