US Veteran Bonnie Stage Celebrates Her Centennial with Friends in Alamogordo


100 Year Old Bonnie Stage Receives a Proclamation recognizing her 100 Years by the Otero County Commission (

On March 8th, 2024, at the Masonic Lodge in Alamogordo, the facility full of friends and dignitaries hosted a very special event, that being the centennial celebration and 100-year birthday of US Veteran and local, Bonnie Stage.

The United States has a population of just over 333 million people and out of that mix is the rare individual that is healthy and adventurous making it to their centennial year of 100 years of age. Bonnie Stage, of Alamogordo, New Mexico is one of those rare individuals. The event was a special afternoon of love with Ms. Stage surrounded by friends. She was on hand with a huge smile and thankful for those who surprised her with this great celebration of her accomplishment of a life, well lived.  

Born in Chicago, Illinois on March 8, 1923, Bonnie Jakuboski married William Stage on April 05, 1947, and they remained happily married for 63 years. Ms. Stage worked as nurse’s assistant for the United States Army during the war years of World War 2 from 1945 to 1947. In 1951 her and her husband moved to Otero County, and she has been here in the heart of Alamogordo, ever since.

Ms. Stage has been a firm supporter of the military since her service to her country and as such has been recognized with an Honor Flight in 2016 and was inducted into the Military Women’s Memorial. The Military Women’s Memorial honors and tells the stories of women, past and present, who serve our nation.  The memorial recognizes 300,000 of the approximately 10 million women who have served in the armed forces over the years. The memorial also hosts 1600 oral histories of those women who have served.

Those talking of Ms. Stage tells, and she tells those listening, of her life as one of proud military service, travel and adventures and a life lived in full. 

Ms. Stage said she never really thought about living to see 100 years of age, but she is glad she has. 

Ms. Stages celebration month of her 100 times around the sun began with a proclamation from the Otero County Commission recognizing her life and her achievements:

HONORING BONNIE STAGE ON THIS 100TH BIRTHDAY by the Otero County Commission…

WHEREAS, Bonnie Stage will be honored by friends and relatives on March 08, 2024, in celebration of her 100th birthday; and

WHEREAS, Bonnie Jakuboski was born in Chicago, Illinois on March 8, 1923;

WHEREAS, Bonnie Jakuboski married William Stage on April 05, 1947 and they remained happily married for 63 years until William’s death in 2010;

WHEREAS, Bonnie and William Stage were blessed with three children, Janet, David and Carol

WHEREAS, Bonnie Stage served her country with valor in the United States Army in World War II;

WHEREAS, Bonnie worked as nurse’s assistant for the United States Army from 1945-1947

WHEREAS, Bonnie Stage has been a resident of Otero County since 1951;

WHEREAS, Bonnie Stage traveled to Washington DC with the Honor Flight in 2016;

WHEREAS, Bonnie Stage was inducted in to the Military Women’s Memorial in 2016;

WHEREAS, Bonnie Stage is a loyal supporter of the men and women in uniform.

WHEREAS Bonnie Stage has volunteered hundreds of hours in her church and in the community she loves;

WHEREAS, Bonnie Stage has lived during the most eventful century of this nation’s history and has been a model and inspiration to her family and to those who have known her, 

NOW, THEREFORE, we do hereby proclaim MARCH 08, 2024, AS BONNIE STAGE DAY IN THE COUNTY OF OTERO, NEW MEXICO; and on behalf of the Otero County Commission and citizens of Otero County, NM, we offer sincere congratulations and best wishes to Bonnie Stage for many more happy days to share with family and friends.

Ms. Stage got married in Panama and after she got pregnant, she left the service then her and her husband, William moved to Washington and then onward to Alamogordo in 1951. She believes women in the military "have it made" verses how different is was during her time of service.

Life while she was in the service was difficult as women used outhouses and there was a "jenny" under their beds. Baths were taken late at night by boiling water. Ms. Stage served her nation while she was in her 20s during World War 2. She is a "Yellow Coat" and has been recognized at the U.S. Capitol with Twin Tiers.

As a young girl she worked in a paper factory and her favorite past time was to roller skate. 

During the 1980's Ms. Stage worked at the Classic Cat at 928 New York Avenue in what is now the Roadrunner Galleria. She said the same building in the 1950s was bustling with activity and included an eating area, a shoe store, a western union and a sporting goods shop and much more. 

Ms. Stage doesn't go out and about as much as she used to and says friends call her and drop by often. Ms. Stage is a joy and inspiration to those that know her. The Alamogordo community pays tribute to her 100 years plus, and her contributions and service to her community, and her country. Ms. Bonnie Stage we salute you!

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