2nd Life Media Alamogordo Town News Boosts its Coverages with More News, Events and Obituaries


AlamogordoTownNews.com Rene Sepulveda "But they are reading..."

AlamogordoTownNews.com continues to expand our coverage and engage the community via our various platforms. Those readers and listeners of our podcasts and our streaming edition on KALHRadio.org that began with us 2 years ago have probably noticed we have experienced a significant increase in output of news stories, commentary, and podcast interviews. As our team of volunteers and interns have expanded thus, we have expanded our output.

Our platforms are now engaging between 12,000 to 15,000 readers and listeners each and every day around the region. Our readers and streaming listeners across the region have increased and thus our reach has expanded well beyond Alamogordo. For that we thank those who both listen and read.

Our publisher and Chairman of the Board of Directors Rene Sepulveda said, "they may not always like the coverage or commentary that we are providing but they are reading and listening.

As such, we have debated various taglines over the last 2 years but under Mr. Sepulveda's direction our new tag line is "but they are reading."

 For that thank you!

With our expanded team we are now pumping out more stories on all of our platforms, more coverage both local and within the state most especially from Santa Fe, the governor's office, crime and punishment and of course now local obituaries are also an offered feature.

Our local high school sports coverage continues to grow, as does our local political engagement with more eyes on the school system and the politics around its agenda than in the past. 

2024 is an election year and as such we will be hosting online and potentially in-person forums and meet and greet the candidates at our 1209 New York location at "Studio Q" and elsewhere. 

We appreciate the readership, the listeners and the engagement, comments both positive and negative. We will never be all things to all people, but we will continue to engage, inform and inspire with stories of the people, places and organizations that matter to our community.

If you support the 1st Amendment and a free press, know that a free press, is not free to produce. It costs to operate the platforms and to reimburse and support staff needs. If you are interested in getting your business marketing on our platforms or supporting a free press let us know. There are multiple ways to support our efforts.

Again, on behalf of the teams of KRAZY KALHRadio.org, AlamogordoTownNews.com and Alamogordo Conservative Daily thank you!

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