January 6th, 2021, update by the Numbers: 1,265 Charged, 718 Guilty Pleas, 213 Felony Convictions, 171 Guilty by Trial


The date of January 6th, 2021 is a day that will rest in the memories of the American public for generations. Some refer to the events at the capital that day as riots. others an insurrection other blindly call it a 'peaceful protest" and yet others call it a mob that was edged on and enticed to action by then President, Donald J Trump.  Regardless of where one rests politically the fact is an incident occurred that got out of control caused property damage, disrupted congressional proceedings and resulted in harm to some individuals to include death. 

The FBI is still seeking the public's help to identify people who took part in one of the most documented crimes in US history. But since most rioters were allowed to walk free that day, it's taking years to track them down and 3 years later the courts are still trying cases around the events that day to include potentially, former president Donald J Trump depending upon the outcomes of appeals before the US Supreme Court concerning presidential immunity. 

Looking at the event by the numbers one can gain a perspective of that day and the impact on the nation 3 years later...

Officers Injured: According to NBC News Washington, approximately 140 police officers were assaulted at the Capitol, including about 80 U.S. Capitol Police and about 60 from the Metropolitan Police Department

Cost of Repairs and related Security Expenses: The cost of repairing damages from the attack on the U.S. Capitol and related security expenses topped $30 million per the Architect of the Capitol J. Brett Blanton.  Damages included harm to Artwork and Statues:

Statues, murals, historic benches, and original shutters within the Capitol suffered varying degrees of damage. The primary causes were pepper spray accretions, residue from chemical irritants, and fire extinguishers. Expert cleaning and conservation are required to restore these precious artworks and statues. Once rioters breached the building, they swarmed through hallways and offices containing 219 pieces of art from the House collection. Marble and granite busts, portraits, and a statue of Thomas Jefferson were among the items identified as damaged.

      Defendants Charged: Over 1,265 individuals have been charged across nearly all 50 states and Washington, D.C. for their roles in the Capitol attack. These charges cover a wide range of offenses.

      Guilty Pleas: Of those charged, more than 718 individuals have pleaded guilty. Among them, 213 pleaded to felonies, including assaults on federal officers, obstruction of law enforcement, and seditious conspiracy.

      Trial Convictions: 171 others have been found guilty at trial or otherwise convicted. These convictions demonstrate the legal consequences faced by those involved.

      Sentences: Approximately 467 individuals have received sentences of incarceration, while others have been sentenced to periods of home detention or probation. Notably, the harshest sentence as reported by ABC News was 22 years for Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio, who was found guilty of seditious conspiracy and other felonies.

      More than 350 people believed to have committed violent acts on Capitol grounds, including over 250 who assaulted police officers, are still sought by the FBI. For prosecution time is running out for charging many of the suspects involved in the attack. Statutes of limitations for many of the charges deployed by prosecutors will expire on Jan. 5, 2026, which is the eve of the riot's fifth year anniversary.

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