Alamogordo Business Outlook Mixed as February Comes to a Close, But Signs of Hope


As February comes to a close in the city of Alamogordo, New Mexico the business climate looks mixed, at best whereas there is significant strength to the economy to the largest regional city Las Cruces which is nearby.

Mayor Susan Payne was elected two years ago on a pro-business pro-reform agenda which those voting for her was hoping would change the tone and drive new business development of significant business interests to the city. Thus far her agenda in reforming the government by hiring several new police officers and upgrading the code enforcement department has been met with significant success. Through crime is on the upswing, so is clean-up efforts of derelict buildings, and so is the long-term game for public safety with more officers hired, training and learning the ropes. 

On the business development side of the agenda, it is a mixed reviews but with hope. Good Value, Unique and local is in! Alamogordo District 3 Commissioner, Warren Robinson is very upbeat about what is on the horizon for Alamogordo as far as quality of life, the arts and business recruitment for the long term. met up with him on Thursday and he expressed his "optimism in bipartisan collaborations" in building a better Alamogordo. He said, "the new year is bringing a renewed spirit of collaborations not seen in years."

During the month of February several local businesses announced that they were closing or shuttered their doors unexpectedly. Many locals were shaken up with the announced closing of Fatwood BBQ which was a favorite among locals which closed due to rising food costs. However, in the restaurant sector there is signs of growth. 

La Cocinita at the corner of New York Avenue and 213 East 12th Street has opened and is jamming to success with hours of operation from 7 am to 2 pm Monday thru Friday.  

Dutch Brothers Coffee a national chain opened on White Sands Blvd and is busy with lines every morning. A company spokesperson told they were "very pleased" with the grand opening welcome and reception they have received in Alamogordo.

Existing restaurants have expanded their offerings or ways to get in front of the customer an example is Rizzo's Mexican Restaurant is booming with a value priced offering and the launch of a new food truck has expanded their reach to great success.

On the retail side of the business retailers in the strip malls continue to struggle such as the closure of BINge Alamogordo located at 1713 Tenth Street which closed suddenly, and customers were greeted recently by a notice of eviction of the door explaining over $10,000 was owed in back rents.

The bright spot in the retail sector continues to be the New York Avenue business district in Commissioner and Mayor Pro Tem, Sharon McDonald's District 5, which offers a unique experience not found in traditional retails shops. 

The Roadrunner Galleria is modifying its offerings and seeing great success, with more local crafted offerings to include a new book nook and plant shop added to the homemade soaps shop and more contained within its doors as the anchor store at 928 New York Avenue. The veteran of New York Avenue, Victoria at 913 New York continues with even more cool and unique offerings. The New York Avenue Ghost, History and Art Tour has relaunched with the next one scheduled for March 16th, RSVP at 575-525-2785 in advance of the tour.

Another new business is opening at the 12th Street area of New York Avenue right next door to the new La Cocinita is the soon to open Our Little Country Store. Many locals are familiar with the primitive and Americana offerings which were once a part of the Roadrunner Emporium. The owner has operated stores on her own in Alabama and elsewhere. The owner, Cindy is excited to open soon, and the new store is chalked full of surprises and unique offerings expanded from what she hosted at the Roadrunner.

The Alamogordo MainStreet District just received another grant, this one from Otero County's 100 Women that care of over $10,000. That grant will help them continue the mural and alley way improvement further improving this district via private investment into the local history, culture and the arts. 

The Inkwell Innovation Center received a million-dollar LEDA fund investment grant from the city of Alamogordo and is planned to be an innovation leader as a further potential enhancement to the downtown district and incubator to small business around New York Avenue and beyond.

The hotels in Alamogordo report continued strong results from tourist traffic and unique retail offerings such as the MainStreet District, White Sands and the pistachio ranch offerings are working hard to create memorable offerings.

There are rumours of several other new ventures looking at the downtown district and a few other key areas of Alamogordo. Let us work together put political ideology aside and put the best foot forward in collaboration to continue the entrepreneurship that will carry Alamogordo forward.

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