Cowboys for Trump's Couy Griffin Seeks a Federal Appointment, Both Battle at the Supreme Court


Couy Griffin hopes if Donald Trump is elected, he will appoint him to a federal position. (

Cowboys for Trump founder Couy Griffin made the history books in September of 2022 after concluding that his actions on Jan. 6 made him ineligible to serve based upon a New Mexico judge's ruling. A ruling that was appealed and has held and now concurrent to former president Donald Trump stands before the Supreme Court seeking to be able to hold elected or appointed office. Both await to hear from the Supreme Court.

Otero County New Mexico's former County Commissioner, Couy Griffin and former president Donald Trump both face a similar battle around the 14th amendment and a battle to hold public office.

Per a prior story, when both met at the White House neither suspected their paths would cross concerning a constitutional question and would follow a similar pathway to the highest court in the land.

Former President Donald Trump and Couy Griffin, both, face questions about their participation and their role in the events of January 6th, 2021, at the nation's capital. Trump is accused of being the ringleader and facilitating the dialog that inspired the events of the day that a New Mexico Court deemed, "an insurrection." Griffin was convicted of a misdemeanor concerning his role at the capital on Jan 6th and is the first person since 1861 (post-civil war) to be removed from office under the 14th Amendment.

Based upon the precedent of the Griffin case, in which a New Mexico judge ordered him removed from office, barring him from ever holding office again lawsuits are being filed in Colorado and considered elsewhere to keep former president Trump off the ballot. radio edition hosted by Anthony Lucero reached out to Couy Griffin prior to this week's Supreme Court Conference discussion of the Griffin Case 23-279 to get his thoughts concerning this effort against former president Trump and asked for the status of his appeal to the US Supreme Court on the case that bars him from ever holding public office again.

Couy Griffin spoke to on with Anthony Lucero about his lawsuit pending to the Supreme Court concerning the 14th amendment via link below…

Per NBC News reporting, earlier in 2022, Couy Griffin was convicted of illegally entering the Capitol grounds, although he was acquitted of engaging in disorderly conduct during chaotic scenes in which Trump supporters attempted to prevent Congress from certifying President Joe Biden's election win.

Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, enacted in the wake of the Civil War, prevents anyone who previously took an oath to defend the Constitution from holding various government offices. It was passed to prevent former Confederates from returning to government but has rarely been enforced. Mr. Griffin is the first individual since the civil war era to be kept from holding office as a result of an interpretation of that amendment via a New Mexico Court ruling.

Griffin interviewed via NBC News on February 14th, 2024, concerning his case that he has appealed to the Supreme Court.

That interview has raised some eyebrows with a comment that he hopes that former president Trump is re-elected and hopes he would be appointed to a position within the Trump administration.

In the NBC interview he said, "It’s amazing. We live in a country where the headline is 'democracy is under attack,' and they use a civil bench trial to remove an elected official," he said.

Griffin, however, is not eyeing a return to elected office in Otero County New Mexico even if he were to win his case. He is hoping Trump wins the presidential election and appoints him to a position in the federal government.

The one potential problem with that plan: Section 3 applies to appointed positions, as well. As the 2020 campaign moved into its final days Mr. Trump distanced himself from Mr. Griffin, as Mr. Griffins legal entanglement increased.

However, Mr. Griffin is now riding the very same timetable as Mr. Trump with documents presented to the Supreme Court, the same week as Mr. Trump, thus their pathways continue to follow one another.

Will Mr. Griffin receive another audience and a potential appointment to a Trump administration, if Trump wins?

Stay tuned, the political journey of Mr. Trump, and of Couy Griffin, continues to be filled with twists, turns and intrigue...

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