Steps: an Introspective by Johnnie Walker


Steps. The very word can invoke a sense of tedium and monotony. We often see them as obstacles, something to be overcome or even ignored. But deep down, we know that steps serve a purpose. They lead us upwards, towards a higher level. They are the very essence of progress.
As a young and carefree kid, I saw no value in steps. I would bound up them, skipping the them two or three at a time, effortlessly moving towards my destination. I never gave them a second thought. They were merely a means to an end, an inconvenience to be swiftly dealt with.

One day, my overconfidence got the better of me, and I stumbled on those steps. It was in that moment of falling that I realized the immense significance of these seemingly insignificant objects. It hurt, everyone was watching and I did not feel like getting up, but I knew I had to.
That fall taught me humility. That fall taught me the importance of respecting the process, of embracing the journey, learning from mistakes, placing value on the advice of other experienced stair climbers, rather than racing towards the destination and fussing at those in my way.

In that very moment, I began to understand that the race of life is not won by the swift or the strong, but by those who endure until the very end. Each step, each obstacle, is a chance for growth, for development, for becoming the best version of ourselves.

It was through this realization that I discovered a higher power at work. God, in His infinite wisdom, orders our steps. He has a plan for us, a purpose that extends far beyond our limited understanding. We are not wandering aimlessly; we are not moving on our own. There is a path laid out before us, a course that we must tread.
And as I embraced this truth, a sense of peace washed over me. No longer did I feel the need to rush, to expedite the process. God was not only working on my destination, but He was also working on me. Sometimes, He made me wait. Sometimes, He made me slow down. But every step, every moment of delay, was part of His perfect plan for my life.
In due season, with your heart aligned and your eyes fixed on the prize, you will reach the heights you were destined to conquer.

So, do not despise the steps before you. Embrace them. Understand that they are not only leading you to a higher level but also perfecting you in the process. Stay on track, for your time will come. Your steps are not wasted; they are part of a greater preparation towards a greater blessing.

Be blessed and be a blessing.

-J. Walker
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