Introspection by Johnnie Walker: You Deserve Better


When you step into a local grocer, you assess the options before you. Would you choose the loaf of bread that has visibly started to mold? Or would you reach for the one free from fuzzy spores? It's a decision that seems so simple, yet it speaks volumes about the value we place on what we receive for the price we pay.

So why is it that we often settle for less than the best in our friendships, relationships, and the leadership we follow? Why do we pour our heart and soul into people and situations that ultimately leave us heartbroken, prompting us to seek therapy to mend our lives? Perhaps it's because we've overlooked the importance of holding others accountable and responsible for their actions.

When we release others from their obligation to be the best versions of themselves, we inadvertently lower our own value in their eyes. We send a message that says it's acceptable to mistreat us, to take advantage of our kindness, ignore our scars, and to disregard our worth. Those same people will hurt you and act like you hurt them. But let me tell you something - you deserve better than that.

You are worth more than stale bread, my friend. You are deserving of a life that uplifts and inspires you. One that brings out the very best in who you are. And in order to find and maintain those extraordinary connections, you must hold people accountable.

Moreover, let's not pass down generational depreciation. Teach your children to stand tall in who they are, to value themselves, and cherish their authenticity. Let them understand that others can never dictate their worth.

Just like you would hold the grocer accountable for selling moldy bread, you must do the same in your personal life. Evaluate the roles people play in your life and ask yourself if they meet the standards you have set for yourself. If they consistently fall short, it's time to reevaluate your investments and cut your losses.

Don't weaken your stock or dilute your self-respect. You deserve to surround yourself with individuals who recognize your value and treat you with the love, care, and respect you deserve. It's not about being demanding or unreasonable, but rather about setting healthy boundaries and acknowledging your own appraisal.

So, next time you visit your local grocer, remember the lesson learned from that loaf of bread. Choose wisely, my friend, in both your purchases and your relationships. Hold others accountable and don't settle for anything less than the best. You deserve it, and your worth should never be compromised. Be Blessed


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