Alamogordo Proud Mountain View Middle School Art Class Downtown MainStreet Mural Project

Image and KALH Radio showcases those individuals, organizations and businesses that are making a positive difference and a positive impact on our community. As a part of our news coverage in providing a fair and balanced reporting, we believe it is important to showcase those that are making a positive impact on our community.

Today, we recognize the students of the Alamogordo Public School Systems Mountain View Middle Schools art class under the direction of  Frances Eldrige, via our series we title "Alamogordo Proud." Mountain View Middle School Students Demonstrate the Importance of Community Service and are the example of “Alamogordo Proud.”

We are located in the Alamogordo MainStreet district at 1209 New York Avenue and are former owners of the business located at 928 New York Avenue. 

For the last 3 years were have worked extensively with the leaders of the New York Avenue businesses to help transition the street and the district into a district of cultural arts, history and a community center to be proud of. 

The Alamogordo MainStreet  organization and the merchants have been working tirelessly with the state, with the city, with nonprofit entities and grantors seeking funds; to help with a transition to revitalize and reimagine, the New York Avenue business district. Work has been ongoing to fast track the street into a cultural arts and history zone. Ms. Frances Eldrige Art class working on a mural on New York Avenue

Recently, the Alamogordo MainStreet Leadership secured a grant from the AARP to assist with cleanup and ally way revitalization known as the street art project. 

We did a prior story on the ally way improvements of the 900 Block of New York Avenue and how community gardens were a part of that plan. We showcased how Alamogordo City Commissioner, Sharon McDonald was working with Alamogordo MainStreet and With Many Hands Alamogordo to make a difference, to engage the community and to garner a diverse cross section of individuals of all ages and backgrounds to come together for the common good of the Chihuahuita neighborhood.  

Alamogordo Public Schools Students engaged in a mural as a part of a community public art project with Alamogordo MainStreet (

With Many Hands Alamogordo is putting community gardens into the alley of the 900 Block of New York Avenue, to compliment the mural, the students and  the arts community is bringing to life. 

A key partner  and participant in that mural project representing the goals and ambitions of "Alamogordo Proud" is the art class of Mountain View Middle School.'s Chris Edwards, reached out the Mountain View Middle Schools art instructor Frances Eldrige and asked her for some commentary on how they got engaged in the Alamogordo MainStreet revitalization effort...

"I first heard about the opportunity to get involved with the mural projects from Irene Cortez-Davis, our Secretary here at Mountain View MS. I connected with Taylor Ojeda with Alamogordo Mainstreet and we briefly discussed the design. She helped us to simplify our idea. We mentioned including something that represented our community (a suggestion made by our Principle Danielle Kusmak) within the design, such as the water tower, and Taylor implemented it beautifully in her design.

I wanted to get the kids involved with the project because it was a great opportunity to not only get involved with their community but also create an art space to help beautify downtown, as well as work with other artists from other schools. The week before communicating with Taylor we were learning about graffiti and if or when it was vandalism versus Art. This was the perfect example of when it wasn’t vandalism. We had 3 dedicated students participate. The mural painting spanned 3 different weekends from 8 am on Saturday to noon, and this last Sunday from 9 am to 2 pm. The students who participated were Isabella Rose Schmidt, Jocelyn Schultz, and Lucian Cockrell.

( Mountain View Middle School Students engage in a public art project with Alamogordo MainStreet asked a few of the students to comment on their thoughts in doing a mural project that has the potential to be seen by thousands of locals and tourist and will be on display for many years. Their comments are as follows....

Isabella Rose Schmid - “I wanted to make the community more colorful and beautiful.”

Jocelyn Schultz - “It gave me the chance to interact with other artists in my community.”

Lucian Cockrell - “I wanted to participate in the mural to help the community be a better place.” Mountain View Middle School Students

And educator Frances Eldrige - “ I don’t ever want to pass up an opportunity to encourage or inspire. I wanted to show my students the more action you take, the more you think is possible. When you pursue something bigger than yourself, you can make a difference in your community. Creating a positive change can foster hope. People always look at things that need to be changed or fixed and say someone should do something about that person. Alamogordo Mainstreet are those people who are creating change and a positive impact downtown."

The ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held on Small Business Saturday, November 25th at 1pm in the alley between New York Ave and 8th Street. 

At and KALH Radio we celebrate the Alamogordo School System for empowering and allowing Mr. Eldrige to engage her students and provide them the opportunity to participate in this significant community improvement project. This is a project of community pride and will bring joy to the locals and tourist alike for many decades. 

We celebrate and thank the students that participated. You are each up and coming artists, but more importantly you are a great example of what is right about this community. 

You are each contributing to public art. Community art is one of the many things within a community that instills pride and unites us. 

Thank you Mountain View Middle School and those participating students for setting the example of "Alamogordo Proud" and enhancing the neighborhood and the culture of the historic and culturally important, Chihuahuita neighborhood ,and also showing "Chihuahuita Pride."

Thank you your community respects and honors your contribution to beautification of our town.

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