Are Alamogordos Parks Safe? Is Alamogordo Safe?


The Alamogordo Chief of Police, Sheriff Black, Mayor Payne and even members of the local school board and administration are being asked, what are you doing to keep Alamogordo safe?

Political leadership is beginning to feel the heat as are city and county officials with the recent uptick in shootings. 

Let’s put end the gossip and focus on some facts. 

The recent shooting at Glider Park is not a random incident that puts civilians at risk but a Human Resources issue for the city of Alamogordo and a personnel issue that escalated out of control. There have been rumors circulating in the community that the shooting was the result of a “fight club” incident at the park. Another rumor is that the issue was the result of an ongoing feud between employees of the city that was well known and the city’s Human Resources department failed to act. Each are rumors that stem from elements of truth. 

Fact: The shooting was not random and the public is not at risk. Fact the issue evolved as a result of an employee work related dispute. Fact multiple employees of the Alamogordo have since been terminated and an ongoing and confidential Human Resources investigation by the city is continuing. Fact the shooting itself is still an ongoing crime investigation with the police and district attorney involved. 

Fight Club in Alamogordo is rumored and a group of city employees meeting often at the glider park to participate in staged fights during lunch is rumored but .com has not found any hard evidence with photos nor will anyone go on the record to confirm that claim thus until proof is provided we consider the matter local gossip and NOT fact. 

Fact the shooting at Oregon Park was NOT at the school and the school system is NOT accountable or responsible for the incident. Fact the shooting was by a troubled 17 year old in retaliation to incidents against a group of other troubled youth. Fact the schools were NOT involved Oregon Park is a block and a half from the Alamogordo High  school campus and a distance of a half mile from Chaparral Middle School.

The schools were locked down for 20 minutes as a safety protocol which is a commonly used protocol to ensure student safety.

Students were involved. But the involved students have a record of discipline issues, at least one on a recent suspension and another a parent admitting to us in an interview, she “cannot control” her child.  

Some, not all of the individuals involved come from broken and troubled homes and the responsibility for the incident does NOT fall on the school leadership but the responsibility falls with the individuals responsible for the crimes and parenting responsibilities failing to control their children’s behaviors.

One of the mothers responded to the incident in a Facebook comment Amanda Marquez… 

It’s amazing how the assumption that all the kids come from broken homes and parents who don’t supervise them is bullshit. My son is one of the boys that was shot. I have always been a productive and respected member of society. I don’t do drugs and I have a clean record! I work everyday to provide and a good job at that.. I have lived here my whole life and those who know me know I try my very best with my children. First My son is home schooled. Second I don’t know too many people who don’t go through stuff in their lives! All we can do is try to find a way to be peaceful through it. I have my son in counseling which really isn’t any of your business the reason behind it but I’m sick of reading this shit and the FACTS are not 100% accurate. I’ve kept my mouth shut because I am a respected person but now I’m pissed. My son had nothing to do with the fight to be shot at that day. He wasn’t even there. So to hell with that theory already. Plain and simple this kid came to kill whoever was at that spot. So because he feels he was coming for revenge gives him the right to shoot them. Bullshit. Why not just fight whoever he felt he needed to. Clear intentions to do severe damage! Do all these kids have something in their lives yes but I’m a parent who has gone the distance and done what is necessary to help them. All of them! So stop assuming!”

Is the park safe? Yes. Is this an isolated incident? Yes. 
Could this incident have been avoided? Yes with better parenting of all those involved and yes with a better system of support for at risk youth within the community.

Who owns support services for at risk youth? 

The parent is the primary caregiver thus the responsibility lies with parenting of at risk youth.

Many at risk youth belong to broken homes Alamogordo and Otero County needs to increase its support services to parents of at risk youth. This effort should be collaborative between city police, community mental health and social services workers, nonprofit community and alerts with the schools.

How is that facilitated? Political leadership of the city beginning with the Mayor,  and county government leadership needs to set aside the “war on the school system leadership” and convene a special committee of representatives to include health care, social services and mental health professionals city and county officials and school representatives and establish a blueprint of needs and care resources for at risk youth.

Real local community leadership would use recent events, not as talking points for political gain over a personal agenda, real community leadership would use recent events as a catalyst for a broader conversation on addressing “at risk youth” and go a step further and address “at risk communities” within Alamogordo and how to solve the issues of drugs, poverty, crime and violence within those communities.

Are Alamogordos parks safe? Yes thousands of uses of the cities parks happen weekly without incident. Should the Alamogordo Police patrol and walk the parks more often yes to reassure the public and to ensure a presence which tames tensions and promotes security from their very presence.

The parks are city property under the supervision and responsibility of the mayor and the city commission. The city parks are an area of significant pride to Alamogordo let’s maintain that pride, collaborate, if you see something odd as a community member report it and the city owns the responsibility for public safety with lighting, cleanliness and patrols. 

Relative to  New Mexico Alamogordo ranks as one of the 10 safest cities in New Mexico according to published crime statistics. However from a national perspective Alamogordo has much room for improvement as does New Mexico due to a lack of a good social services support system.  When comparing on a national level we discovered that violent crime in Alamogordo occurs at a rate higher than in most communities of all population sizes in America. The chance that a person will become a victim of a violent crime in Alamogordo; such as armed robbery, aggravated assault, rape or murder; is 1 in 301.

Should we be concerned yes. Should elected leadership act in calming fears and collaborate on an intergovernmental solution yes. 

With the proximity to multiple military installations, a border control checkpoint nearby and a community transitioning to more retirees there is less chance of crime in Alamogordo than other New Mexico cities, but there is risk and a need for vigilance and awareness of those around you no matter if in a park or in a parking lot at city hall. 

Parks are safe! Alamogordo is generally safe.

The  recent two shooting incidents could have occurred anywhere;  a shopping center or Wal-Mart parking lot, a home, or even the parking lot of city hall: given city employees were involved in one incident and the hall is on proximity to Oregon Park located just 2 minutes away by car. 

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