KRAZY KALH Radio Exclusive Interview Cowboys for Trump Couy Griffin Released from Otero County Detention Center

Image Radio edition on KRAZY received the first return press phone call and the exclusive from Couy Griffin. Below is the transcript to the call. 
Speaker 1  Couy Griffin to Anthony Lucero program manager to KRAZY…

Couy Griffin: “Its good to be out, to be able to tell my side of the story on this, Anthony, because that's one thing you never get to do whenever you're locked up. And uh, I just spent three days in the o Ontario County Detention Center, um, totally blindsided by what took place. I to just break it all down and try to tell you as quick as I can, Anthony, I've got a, a, a guy that's squatting in a property that I own, the only property that I own that's paid off. And, uh, we were remodeling it, trying to get it ready for a friend that was gonna move down. So this guy painted it, but he's got a history of doing this. Anthony, this guy, his name's Dwayne, he's from, uh, Washington, DC of all places. Um, I didn't even know him before he got out here to New Mexico.”

Couy continued: “He's a friend of a friend. And this friend of mine, Chris Lord, met Duane and offered him, invited him to come out to New Mexico. And as I mentioned, he finished painting this place. The job was done. And, uh, he, he just wanted to stay and I told him that we're done and I never had an agreement with him to stay in the property, Anthony. Um, but through the squatters rights, whatever those are, um, Sergeant Matthew Mial of the Otero County Sheriff's Department filed a complaint against me and had a judge from outside of Otero County write an arrest warrant for my arrest. All based off of what Matthew Mial from the otero county com, uh, police department told him. So it's been very painful to go through Anthony, but again, I know the ground I stand on, it's amazing. You can be charged with trespass by somebody that doesn't even own the property. Um, but that's what I went through. And unfortunately, David Black and Sean Jet stood right alongside Matthew Maral and the Oterro County Sheriff's Department really ran me through the ringer on this one. But I'm glad to be out. I just got out. You're my first call Crazy radio with Anthony. I love you brother. And, um, I just appreciate, uh, your nonpartisan voice.”

A link to the audio interview with Couy Griffin exclusively to KRAZY and is found below……

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