Alamogordo Proud Western Sky Community Health Donates $50K to APS


Western Sky Community Health example of Alamogordo Proud (

At and we have highlighted via our campaign called “Alamogordo Proud” those individuals which show great care, compassion, leadership and are the movers and shakers in making Alamogordo a better place to live, work and prosper. The Alamogordo Proud campaign is not limited to only showcasing people but also those businesses that make a difference are committed and connected to our community and represent the values of “Alamogordo Proud.” 

Western Sky Community Care is truly representative of the “Alamogordo Proud” Campaign. 

Western Sky Community Care facilitated a donation of $50,000 towards the purchase of 4 tele-health units that will be utilized by the Alamogordo Public Schools this next 2023/24 school year.

Alamogordo Public Schools in a social media post expressed how they “are excited to start this new program in partnership with the Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center Urgent Care, GCRMC which also purchased a unit.

The rest of the units for the tele-health program were purchased through federal grants.

As requested by parents, this program will help to keep more students in school when appropriate, and support working parents who might not be able to physically get away from their job when a student needs to be seen by a doctor for a sore throat, earache, or other similar concern?

The Alamogordo Public Schools have been engaged in tele-health programs since before the pandemic. During the pandemic it used available tools to bring health programs to the community when possible.
For n communities around the nation school nurses and health care professionals are currently filling a healthcare gap by connecting students and families with providers through telehealth and going directly to community locations to monitor children’s well-being and to educate families on the importance of preventative screenings.

Alamogordo Public Schools have been a leader in public health programs and outreach and this grant along with the sister grants help ensure the continued growth, development and success of healthy student outreach programs and healthier outcomes for students.

More details about this program will be shared this summer.

A very huge shout out goes to the team at Western Sky Community Care and their partnership with Alamogordo Public Schools through their $50,000 donation. This group and its support of Alamogordo Public Schools is the foundation of “Alamogordo Proud.“ and celebrates your comment to health and our community! 

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