Updated 12-13 -22 626 pm Child hit by Float out of Surgery and in Recovery


The Christmas spirit is alive and well with the community of Alamogordo worried and in thoughts and continued prayers for the young 5 year old child that was injured in a float accident at the Alamogordo Christmas Festival of Lights Parade Saturday. 

An update from the mother was posted to social media updating the public of the injured child Adoniram. The update from 6:26 pm Tuesday the 13th…

Please keep praying….Update on our son Adoniram, he is out of surgery and under a lot of care. The surgery went as planned.

We will update after some time of recovery to see where he is at. We will keep trusting in Lord for his complete recovery.

For now we are not going to give a lot of details...please just continue to pray for him!”


On Saturday 12-10-22 during the annual Alamogordo Festival of Lights Christmas parade an incident of occurred resulting in a pause to the parade. Due to injuries sustained a 5-year-old child to be flown to El Paso hospital for potential trauma.

It was reported by family he was doing better and had partially collapsed lung and a kidney issue but was on pain pills but was recovering well. He was up and about a bit on Monday and hope seemed good for a recovery.

12-12-22 there was some negative turn of events, and the child was sent to emergency surgery. The family posted the following on Facebook...

Please keep this family and those involved in your thoughts and prayers this Christmas season. As we get updates, we will update the story.

Below is the originally published story…

Alamogordo Police Department said around 6:13 p.m., they were alerted to a child being hit by a float during the annual holidays Christmas Parade. The parade was heading west on 10th Street. The incident stopped the parade for about 15 minutes.

The child was reportedly young around 5 years old. The child was flown to a hospital in El Paso, Texas.

His condition is unknown and names of those involved are not being released at this time.

The police reported the child was trying to reboard the float but was accidentally caught by the tire and partially ran over.

Thoughts and prayers for the child , his family and the people who were driving the float as well as anyone who was affected by this horrible accident.

Let's all put the energy into positive and healing thoughts and prayers and leave the judgments about the incident and those involved aside for now. Now the community, this Sunday, needs to come together in positivity with healing in our hearts for the families impacted, those that witnessed and most especially the child impacted.

While parade accidents are generally rare, incidents on occasion do occur and underscore the potential dangers accompanying such events.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) previously called for localities to adopt more stringent safety measures. The agency issued several recommendations in reports that found governments and sponsoring entities often lack adequate planning procedures and clear rules for parades.

The most notable recommendation for localities in a NTSB report, calls for governments to require written safety plans as part of an event approval process.

At a minimum, NTSB states, the plan should address risk mitigation and contingency planning, safety briefings, driver and vehicle screening, float safety and notifying railroads or other entities about potential hazards.

Due to tonight’s tragedy organizations sponsoring parades and city leaders will be reviewing the incident and what tighter controls and prevention can be implemented to help mitigate future injuries or incidents.

But first our prayers go out to all involved and those that witnessed this incident.

update 6 am Sunday 10-11

note as new information on the child’s condition and surgery comes to us we will update

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