Dudley School Volunteer Workday Sept 10 and Update


Dudley School Rehabilitation Project is Ready to Go! 

The Tularosa Basin Historic Society and the City of Alamogordo  received the asbestos report, and it was better than anyone thought.

So, volunteer work and rehabilitation can move forward.

The next workday is scheduled for September 10, 2022 from 7:00 am to 12:00 noon.

This is a big one, with a lot of things for all of the volunteers to do. 


  1. Painting - We will be repairing and preparing most of the interior walls for painting. Then painting those walls. So, if painting is your thing, come dressed appropriately. We will have all supplies and paint at Dudley on that day.
  2. Demolition - The non-historical walls that were added over the years most will be removed. Like swinging a sledgehammer, this one is for you. 
  3. Recycling - We will be saving all the lumber from the demolition of walls. We need some people to remove nails from these pieces of lumber. We will be reusing most of this lumber, constructing benches, pergolas, gazebo, tables and more. More on that later, need you now to prep that wood.
  4. Demolition - More demolition, depending on the results of the asbestos testing, we may be removing the current floors to get back to the original wood floor that is underneath. The original wood floor is the same as you will see in the Museum (Plaza). We were able to save and restore that floor, hopefully we will be that lucky on this one.
  5. Sanding - The kitchen wood floor is exposed. It was painted brown along the way. We will be renting an industrial floor sander to remove this paint and prep to stain and varnish. Need two persons for this project. This one is on hold until next workday, we have enough to do.
  6. Demolition - We will demo some of the items out of the bathrooms. We will have bathrooms completely redone. Today we only need to demo.


  1. Cleanup - We did very good on the cleanup last workday. But there will be more to move to the roll off container.
  2. Landscaping - We had the brush, trees and grass pretty much under control, but by then we will need to do some cutting and removal.
  3. West Fence - We have already set the poles for the new fence on the west side (alley). We need help stretching and hanging the 6' fencing in this area. Once the fence is in place, we have privacy slats that would be installed the full length of this fence.
  4. East & North Fence - We need to set poles. We may have the poles set, if they are then we need the new fence stretched and hung in these areas. This fence is only 4' tall.
  5. This one was added. We knocked down the grass and brush last time, but with the rain it has returned. So, need a lawn mower and weed eater or two ro take it down again.

Also, going on:


TBHS will have Linda on hand to start getting names and stories for the project of preserving the history of the school and neighborhood. We can use some help in this area too. So hopefully you can help us on this issue.

We don't have a final plan for the landscaping for the property. We have items that will go in such as fencing and signage. But the layout of the park and the areas around the parking area need to be developed. As we stated before, the north end of the property will be a community park, with benches, picnic tables, pergola, gazebo and playground equipment. All the ideas and final plan requires the City's Park Department under Veronica Ortega to approve. Park Dept will take responsibility for the park once is it is completed. So, the ideas must fit into the Park's guidelines. So, if you want to participate, please let me know. We will schedule a meeting with the City employees to get it started.

We will have all the supplies, gloves and water.

Please get the word out, we are needing donations, dollars, stories, photographs and artifacts of this great endeavor. If you have persons wanting to contribute, please have them contact Deb at the Museum 575-434-4438 or

Mark your calendars....
Joe Lewandowski Operational Consultants 1102 24th Street Alamogordo, NM 88310 575-430-8989

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