Ballot Initiative Turns Nasty

Image Mr Melton admits the resolution has no legal basis of law yet his partner insinuated Alamogordo IS a sanctuary city for the unborn. It Is NOT though a majority of allowed to vote might push for that effort.

“A Rattlesnake, if Cornered will become so angry it will bite itself. That is exactly what the harboring of hate and resentment against others is -- a biting of oneself. We think we are harming others in holding these spites and hates, but the deeper harm is to ourselves.” - E Stanley Jones 

”The point of modern propaganda isn’t only to misinform and push an agenda. It is the exhaust your critical thinking, to annihilate the truth.” - Gary Kasparov

Per the email from Mr. Meltons domestic partner John Block. “Alamogordo is a Sanctuary City for the unborn”  Fact is this is untrue. A resolution was passed that is non binding and has NO legal authority to prevent abortions.

If a licensed medical doctor wanted to end a pregnancy in the final trimester, legally in this city today there is not a thing per the “resolution” that  John Block, Karl Melton are championing can do to stop it legally. As such Alamogordo is NOT actually a “Sanctuary City for the Unborn.” Let’s state the facts more then likely a majority of voters “desire it to be a Sanctuary City for the Unborn.” A desire is not a fact. A desire is a dream or a potential goal it is not fact and Alamogordo as a sanctuary city for the unborn is NOT a fact. 

Mr Block alleged that “the group is also harvesting data from the petition…” if indeed that is a fact then I call on Mr. Block and Mr. Melton to produce to me and the attoney general of New Mexico the facts around that statement.

If the facts exist I’ll publish them and forward my endorsement to prosecute if voter data is being misused.

Since NO facts to this assertion have been presented to me nor anyone in the public: this is falsehood and false propaganda that could per a legal scholar be considered “election interference”. A candidate in line for a state office, made an accusation of mishandling petition data, which would indeed be voter fraud. If there is No proof of the accusation, then slander has been made in an attempt to discourage voters from engaging.

That could make an interesting legal challenge.

Statement by Ashley Meyers in rebuttal to Mr. Block and Mr. Melton…

My question to Mr Block, Mr. Melton and the party leadership of the Republican Party is why do you even care if this goes to ballot? It would seem to me if it did and the anti-abortion majority wins then you win a the argument with a mandate.

Why are you against the use of the process that is outlined in the city charter? If you are on the right side of the argument and you may well be, what is there to fear by a vote of the people? 

I for one am against abortion but do not feel it is my right to impose my belief on others nor is it the role of the city appointed representatives to do so. It is however the right per the city charter of citizens to bring issues to the ballot. If the citizens via ballot want to challenge state law for local rule related to this issue. I might be on board for that effort assuming the legal fight in the courts and legislature is paid for by private interests and NOT the taxpayers. 

The argument on the cost of the petition to bring the issue to the voters to decide is outlined per the city charter. It’s been in the charter for decades so the cost expense and exposure has always been there. Those that bring any issue up on the Dias of the City Commission should be aware the check and balance in place is they serve at the will of “the people,” and if the people decide via signatures to place an issue on the ballot that is indeed their right. Government serves the people and the elected and appointed need to remember the organization chart of the city of Alamogordo…

Citizens then commission then city department leadership. Citizens come first.

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Chris Edwards, thank you for this excellent article, explaining all the issues on the petition. Ashlie has accomplished a minor mirale! We got 641 signatures, significantly more than the 586 required by statute. I feel that extremists, isolated in their echo chambers and listening to propaganda, underestimate the feelings of the general public about the issue of the Sanctuary for the Unborn. The turnout for this petition proves that fact, and I feel the election mandated by the passage of this petition will also prove that fact. Come what may, with an election that allows the people to speak, we will see which way the vote goes. And we will live with the results of the election. 

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