Christmas Parade Potentially Saved? Emergency Meeting Wednesday


The Alamogordo Christmas Parade instills deep passions and memories within local citizens. It looked like the Grinch was making an appearance in Alamogordo and this years parade might have been canceled 
BUT the show or parade MAY go on! 

This is an evolving story around the Alamogordo Christmas Parade and an attempt by several local small businesses to preserve and save it is being made. 

On Monday, late afternoon, the Alamogordo Center of Commerce sent a statement to its members and the press that it was “saddened by events and was being forced to cancel the Christmas Parade” it hosts due to the economics of liability insurance around this event. and KALH Radio reported the story quoting the Center of Commerce letter…

However there MAYBE Hope!  Tonight the Alamogordo Center of Commerce released a letter explaining that a special board meeting was convening at 8 am on Wednesday to consider a plan and a proposal to save the parade and that there have been “extraordinary developments since the parade cancelation was sent yesterday”… and KALH Radio’s Anthony Lucero reached out to the Center of Commerce for comment…

What was confirmed with enthusiasm was there were “new developments” and they are “holding out for a Christmas Miracle.”
The emergency board meeting will be at 8 am and then an announcement will be made by the Center of Commerce after rather the parade will go forward afterall.

We are hopeful!

In speaking with many individuals within leadership, and behind the scenes, that asked to remain anonymous; it was confirmed that a group of local small businesses, and private individuals were rallying together to fund the event and to save the parade

 If everyone is in agreement and everything comes together as hoped for the parade will move forward. and KRAZY KALH Radio reported the story of the potential cancellation and then received a rash of negativity in comments and messages. Social media blew up with an out cry and some conspiracy theorists claiming all kinds of outrageous lies about the Center of Commerce and about our reporting. 

One social media post claimed we made up the issue, to stir controversy though we had the letter from the center announcing the potential of no parade and cancellation

Others expressed dismay with both the city and the Center of Commerce for the late announcement with outrage and disappointment. 

What became obvious, and apparently unexpected, by some leaders of the community, was the level of passion around the Christmas parade in Alamogordo.  Social media blew up with comments of the love of the parade tradition and memories of past parades. The Center of Commerce and elected official also received a rash of  commentary.

We were asked to remove the story of the cancellation by one community leader suggesting that by telling the story it harmed the community. Another suggested that by us running the story it put significant pressure on community leaders that was unwarranted. On the flip side a majority of community leaders praised us for running the story as it help show the heartbeat and passionate feelings around the parade. One leader suggested our story did put pressure on the Center of Commerce leaders but that pressure of public awareness and outcry is probably what helped to motivate some individuals into action

The announcement yesterday was one of “cancellation” it was not one of “risk of not happening unless the community steps up!”  

We are hopeful for a positive outcome. We praise those small business leaders that have been in dialogue and the leadership of the Center of Commerce for working hard to find a somewhat to keep the parade alive.

We are hopeful for a Christmas miracle as well, and an announcement on Wednesday that the small business community and the Center of Commerce; wrestled with the grinch and won, to keep the many Alamogordo traditions of Christmas alive to include the annual Christmas Parade.

Stay tuned as this is an evolving story…

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