Election Primary Questionnaire and Meet the Candidate Forums & Financials - Stay Alert!


It is getting near that all important primary election season, and the candidates are out and about begging for the vote and dollars to run their campaigns. will begin releasing the answers to candidate questions and possibly moderating a forum in May, so stay tuned...

This primary has local judicial candidates running, county commissioners and of course state office holders, such as for the lower round house, plus of course the governor. 

Candidate responses to invitations to forums and questionaries seem to run the gamut of not wanting to be bothered with statements such as " I have many commitments going on aside from campaigning," to detailed and well thought out responses which we see in public meetings, questionnaires and public forums and appearances.

Some candidates duck and hide, while others are transparent. Transparency speaks volumes of the art of politics in Otero County, and of a candidate's ethics.  We as a media source expect transparency, and as such, over the next few weeks, we will be releasing the financials of the campaigns with public links, so that the voter themselves can easily find these legally required reports on each candidate and follow the money in a campaign. We look forward to possibly participating in a public forum and learning more in a public discussion.

We are neutral and have worked with individuals from both major parties at all levels of political dialog.  Our skin in the game is an informed public. We invite candidates to tell their qualifications and answer why they are viable within our pages and before the public.

What is most obvious to this editorial board, is one party in Otero County is very organized in hosting forums, and getting the candidates name before the votes, one trains and preps their candidates on campaign tasks early, such as campaign finance management, canvassing, how to respond to media queries plus how to manage a campaign in the world of social media and is focused on the win. There are lessons there.

As one that has wrangled in the rough and tumble world of political campaigns within both parties in a variety of states, Otero County and the political establishment herein is entertaining in its approach as are the characters, of which make up the various machines, of the various parties and interests. 

We challenge you to vote, to get involved, and pay attention! The political machine is supposed to represent you the public!

To learn more about candidates - STAY TUNED!

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