Alamogordo Public Schools Book Writers Recognized Literature Matters in Public Education


Alamogordo Public Schools recognizes the best in young authors in a literary program to promote authors from students (2nd Life Media Alamogordo Public Schools)

The English and literature departments at all the different levels of public schools with the Alamogordo Public Schools system have been heavily focused this year on literacy and application of the English language into writing skills. Not just basic writing skills but how to transform thoughts, experiences, and emotions into a logical and coherent story that is book worthy. From grade school to high school students have been engaged in an almost year long process geared towards several students creating their first written story in a book form. 

This week  at the Alamogordo High School Cafeteria, these fine educators were able to bring together student participants of all ages and able to celebrate some of the best of these wonderful young writers and honor their accomplishments at the Young Authors Award Night. Throughout the last month a panel of community judges read through hundreds of stories in multiple formats produced by students to narrow down the very best and to recognize academic achievement of these young aspiring young authors. 

These amazing kids from around the district were recognized for their contributions in Bilingual, Bound Book, Cartoon, Comic or Graphic Novel, Essay, Flash Fiction, Poetry, and Short Stories. Congratulations to all of our award winners and thank you to our presenters, parents, everyone who was able to participate and attend!

Thank you Gordon Korman for joining the festivities and sharing your experience with these students showing inspirational leadership and a respect for public education through the APS community systems. 

Congratulations to the award winners and the public school educators and community volunteers that made this program of academic excellence a success and possible. A few candid photos of the best of the area schools are highlighted by Alamogordo Public Schools….

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