Rep. Gabe Vasquez Calls for Extension of the Affordable Connectivity Program and Statement on Supreme Court


U.S. Representative Gabe Vasquez (N.M.-02) joined a coalition of 158 bipartisan Representatives to call on Congressional leadership to extend the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). Their letter underscored the urgency of maintaining funding for the ACP to prevent a lapse that would jeopardize essential broadband access for over 183,000 New Mexicans.

ACP currently provides crucial financial assistance to eligible low-income households and those on Tribal lands. Roughly one in four New Mexicans in the district currently participate in the program. Without immediate action, the remaining ACP funds are expected to expire in April.

“Whether for school, work or health appointments New Mexicans need access to reliable and affordable internet access. This is a necessity,” said Vasquez. “I am proudly fighting to preserve the Affordable Connectivity Program. So many constituents have reached out sharing how this program has been a lifeline for their family, and I want them to know that I hear them, and I am fighting for them.”

Established originally as the Emergency Broadband Benefit and signed into law under President Trump, the ACP currently provides crucial financial assistance to eligible low-income households and those on Tribal lands. With nearly 23 million American households currently enrolled in the program, its success is undeniable.

The letter concluded by emphasizing the program's critical role in closing the digital divide and promoting equity and opportunity for all Americans.

Vasquez is a co-sponsor of the Affordable Connectivity Program Extension Act.

Full text of the letter is available here  

And on March 20, 2024, U.S. Representative Gabe Vasquez (N.M.-02) called out Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s reckless border tactics following the Supreme Court’s ruling upholding Texas Senate Bill 4. The bill gives local law enforcement the ability to arrest migrants and allows state judges to impose criminal penalties and issue deportation orders.

“Once again, we're confronted with the consequences of Governor Abbott's reckless actions. The Supreme Court's decision to uphold Texas’ law granting local police the authority to arrest people suspected of being illegal immigrants is deeply troubling.

“This was a dangerous overreach, undermining federal authority and putting vulnerable people at risk, especially Hispanic residents and citizens who constitute the largest minority in Texas. The issue here is not just about immigration enforcement but also about racial profiling, where all Hispanic people, including border residents who are American citizens, can be unfairly targeted.

“I am committed to defending our American values to protect everyone's safety and rights, and I'm glad to see the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals stop this law from going into effect while we wait for the final decision.”

Vasquez has called on Governor Abbott before to work with him on common-sense, bipartisan solutions to the real challenges our nation faces at the U.S.-Mexico border and in our long-broken immigration system.

Last fall, Vasquez introduced a package of immigration and border solution bills to mitigate the crisis.

Vasquez’s unique background, growing up on the borderlands, positions him to lead critical conversations on immigration reform in Congress. As the first in his family to become an American citizen, Vasquez is committed to addressing the pressing challenges faced by border communities, migrants and border security personnel.

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